Trying to get back into the swing of things

Well, it has been a little while since I posted anything when it comes to regular blogging, even longer since I did anything regarding a vLog which I still need to get around to doing, I keep making the time to do it but I keep putting it off for one reason or another. I have done a few TikToks though, but nothing along the lines that I am wanting to get into doing, once again it’s the motivation that I am in part lacking when it comes to getting onto that particular project. 

Part of me wants to start something like I’ve seen other’s do, like the hockey stick desk and the like, but I’ve been having trouble fleshing out a specific area that Id likes to get into since there are so many that catch my interest but non which feel I could pull off, at least not as things currently stand (the wrong headspace being one of them). 

 I’m also currently dealing with some medications that I really do not wish to deal with, I have an infection in my mouth that has required antibiotics and I am not sure if it has worked or not but will know Tuesday when I see the Orthodontist who might or might not be extracting the tooth that is the issue depending on if the infection is gone or not (he won’t take it if the infection isn’t gone because of how it could cause more trouble then to leave it sort of deal). 

I’m actually scared to see the orthodontist because I am scared of the pain from getting the tooth pulled, but also from the feeling that goes along with the extraction including the drug used to do it, I don’t like how it makes me feel and I don’t like how my body reacts to it when all is said and done, but I know that it needs to be done I just wish it would be easier then it is (as in part of me would rather be sleeping when it gets done and not wide awake type deal, but that isn’t an option ). 

But in other news I am trying to get back into streaming and that has started with playing Minecraft more so am working on streaming that at the moment to get myself back into the swing of things, I might expand to my other games in time, but right now I’m focusing on a single game at least for my main play to see if that will help get me more focused. 

Well post more as time does pass, take care everyone!



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