SITE AD: Back To School Special

Well its that time of year again time to get back into the grind and study, learn and in short get back to doing what it was before you went on vacation.

We are having a Back To School Special get your ad in before September 1st and get 50% off your first month and 25% off each following month (new customers only).

Place an ad on this site after September 1st but before September 21st and you get 25% off your first month and 10% off your second and third month.

Banner Ads…
*50.00 Canadian per month for a 120 x 600 size banner
or buy a 3 month block for 100.00 Canadian (a 1 month savings).

*Rectangle Banner Ad (180 x 50) is 10.00 canadian per month
or buy a 6 month block for 50.00 Canadian (a 1 month savings)
or a 12 month block for 100.00 (a 2 months savings).



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