Happy Pride Month Everyone!

Well its June and for many around the world June is known as Pride Month and is celebrated all month long with various events and gatherings – sadly there are many around the world who can not celebrate who they are because of laws on the books in their countries or areas that would seen them 6 feet under for doing so or in prison (or combo there of) sadly even in more developed countries similar can happen to those who are different from others which is just plain sad and wrong.

Loving someone who shares yours interests, joys, etc shouldn’t be wrong regardless of there gender or their identity – Love is Love and what someone does with their body shouldn’t be of any concern to you if you are not directly involved in that persons actual life (and even if you are their parent, sister, brother, etc it still doesn’t give you the right to make them feel less about who they are – they are who they are and that should be enough regardless).

Much Love and Resect my Brother’s, Sister’s and Gender Diverse Friends



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