Engagement anniversary dinner


Well yesterday was our engagement anniversary and to celebrate it we choose to go to a new local restaurant that just opened up last week called the Hogtown, it specializes in bbq so not for most vegaritarians n bug time not for any vegans. But on the other side if things thr basic fair on offer is all gluten n dairy free the sides n other dishes nit so much.

We chose to order their for two sampler platter which meant we could choose three meats n three sides all for 45 bucks which sounded a little steap till we got the platter n sides n realized the price is justified to many degrees, though the totsl bill ended up coming in a lot higher then was expected by a good 20 bucks. Seems their pop is more costly then it should be ya its in glass bottles n all but the price tag in retro speck is a problem better to get a bottle between two ppl n plenty of cold tap water instead it does feel.

During the selection process N mentioned that hir wonted to try their Chili as it sounded good thus when looking what the side options where we got hir the side chili to which N loved n if we go ahain might well oder a full bowl of it.



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