Another Tooth Lost

Sighs, this is getting most annoying, to say the least, last month I lost two teeth to infection one upper and one lower, and yesterday I lost yet another one also to infection, and that’s after having been on antibiotics for the better part of a solid month!

The dentist says that I need to get better control of my glucose levels, something that I have been trying to do for the better part of 6 months now! My A1C was 7.1 so it wasn’t that bad all things considered, but still not as low as would be liked (in the high 5s to low 6s).

I am feeling rather defeated when it comes to what is happening, not only has my general health taken a hit during this pandemic but so has the care of my teeth, but the teeth care has been an ongoing issue for a few years now, mostly in regards to getting any care since finding someone willing to work on my teeth has become an issue.

I’ve tried getting into either of the local dental colleges that offer treatment on a sliding scale and got turned down by both due to my various medical conditions – getting told that I am too high risk for them to take on! Like what the fudge, too high risk? bleep!

So as a result I’ve had care issues time and time again, getting what care that I do need when I need it. Even emergency care has been a problem more than once and only gotten resolved when I couldn’t take it any longer and Norman called and got the ball rolling (I call and nothing, he calls and something happens – totally annoying!).

Outside of that, been surviving as best as possible with what we have. Haven’t gotten done as much as I’d to have gotten done, but I’m at least getting some things done – just not as fast as it really needs to be done.



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