Third Season of Doctor Who Starts

Well the new season of Doctor Who sure does look interesting that is for sure, though I am still not sure if I like the new companion (Martha) of his.

2007 Ep Guide

Smith and Jones Judoon on the Moon.

The Shakespeare Code 7 April 2007.

Gridlock 14 April 2007.

Daleks in Manhattan 21 April 2007.

Evolution of the Daleks 28 April 2007.

The Lazarus Experiment 5 May 2007.

42 12 May 2007.

Human Nature 19 May 2007.

The Family of Blood 26 May 2007.

Blink 2 June 2007.

Utopia 9 June 2007.

The Sound of Drums 16 June 2007.

Last of the Time Lords 23 June 2007.


Well one this is for sure, the eps do sound interesting to what have been listed with info so far … I’m still not a major fan of the new Doctor, still like the one best from season 1 but hay can’t have everything you want all the time.

Well take care everyone



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