80’s Cartoons Intro Overload! Part 7

Kidd Video – man its been ages since I saw this show .. chuckles I totally forgotten about it big time .. lol

The Family-Ness – don’t remember this show

Pound Puppies – man another blast from the past .. chuckles I use to even have several stuffed pound puppies and pound purries as well … wouldn’t mind this show if it came out on DVD

The Raggy Dolls – never heard of this show

Garfield and Friends – I use to watch this show, but it never really took off for me, as in it was nice to watch if there was nothing else on TV to watch at the time.

The Smurfs – ouch another blast from the past .. chuckles I even remember going to see the Smurfts movie when it was in theators, I also have a couple LPs of their songs even … ouch blast from past over load .. K what can I say I loved this show big time, and still like it I still have my stuffed Gargamell, Asriel, Popa Smuft, Baby Smurf and Smurfeet. If they ever get put on DVD Id snatch them up as able.

Kissyfur – never heard of this show

Ghostbusters – wow, another show that I use to watch every saturday when it was on, totally had forgotten about this show … shakes head

Thundarr the Barbarian – i remember this show being on, but never watched it

SuperTed – wow its been a while since i saw this show … totally forgot about it to boot.



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