80’s Cartoons Intro Overload! Part 6

Karate Kommandos – never heard of this show that I know of

Mr T – I remember watching this show on occasion, again it was another show that only seemed to be on YTV so didn’t get to see it much

Around the world with willy fog – never heard of this show

Dino-Riders – I don’t remember this show at all

Galaxy High – yet another one I never heard of

The Snorks – K i remmeber this show, but it didn’t last long on tv as far as I remember no more then a season i think it was.

Spiral Zone – never heard of this show that I know of

Transformers – oh ya, I remember watching this show a world of a lot, use to even have a few of the toy that went with it, like Prime … though I have never gotten into the newer version of the show.

Get Along Gang – Man, I bearly remember this show, it had totaly sliped my mind that it ever was on TV .. wow, talk about another blast from the past.

Voltron – chuckles when this comes on to DVD, it is one of those shows that I will be getting as soon as I know its on DVD to get in series format that is (not individual eps).



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