80’s Cartoons Intro Overload! Part 5

COPS – I remember watching this show on and off, more off then on since it was also on a channel that didn’t come in that well all the time.

Wuzzles – man on man, talk about a show I have not seem in ages. Sighs, I totally miss this show, and really really wish they’d bring it back or at least put it on DVD soon! Talk about a show that I couldn’t get enough of.

The Legond of Zelda – I remember watching this show a couple of times, but it never did catch my attention to really watch time and time again.

Ovide Video – I bearly remember this show, it looks failure but thats about it

Galaxy Rangers – I don’t remember this show

Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers – Now I do remember watching this show when i came home after school

Dennis – chuckles I use to watch this before going to school for a time

Pac-Man – never new of this show what so ever

Teddy Ruxpin – Man, talk about another blast from the place, I use to also watch this show, but it use to only be on YTV thus I only ever got to watch it when I was at my grandmothers .. that was till years later, when it came to mainstream stations but that was really short lived (a seasons worth only)

The Simpsons – shutters its amazing that this show it still on the air. Never did like it from the start and still don’t like it



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