The Differance a skin can make…

Well it is offical the right skin can make the differance when it comes to ones appearance, that is for sure.

I will admit that I thought it to be the case, and have been trying to find the right skin for myself for a while now. I had a skin that I thought I liked well enough, but something was not 100% right with it, so I kept on looking a year and change later I fianlly think I have found the skin that is me. Yes I can change it, and might do so in time again, but as of this moment and point of time I feel that I have found the skin that suits me rather well.

Only trouble now, is that I need to update all the pictures of me, or almost all of them … mostly my profile pic to reflect my new appearance over my long held older one (first appearance was the look I had in my old account, that I paid for the skin I don’t recall, but it was a fair amount, thus I stick with it because of the investment I had made.)

I will say a well made skin is worth the cost that it takes to buy it and yes the person or persons making them might be making a mint off of you for that skin, but they time and skill has gone into making the skin, and again free skins are not to be sneezed at they are still good but I can say for myself if a skin looks good on me and makes me feel right then the price within reason is worth it.

I’m still my furry self, but at one of the clubs I am working at Fur’s are not that welcomed and I’ve found that I get more tips as a human then I have gotten at that particular club as a fur – so have made the change over for that club only … all places else I’m still my loving furry self.

Well take care everyone



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