New Home for Nyxstium Designs (again)

Well it was a great time at Naples, but like all things they come to an end. Naples is no more, its been taken back by LL – but we were thankful to get our stuff back before the sim was 100% removed from the grid.

We have found a place to call home – we have gotten half a sim. Would have liked to have gone for a full one, but its outside of our current budget. We have begun the move in process and I am hoping to have everything in the shop moved into its new location by Monday January 5th 2009.

We hope that this will be the last move that we have do to for a long time – but knowing how things are with SL, the possibility that we will have to move once again is still there (from what we understand sometime in july they are going to do yet another increase to the fees for the sims, so if it goes to high we might once again need to find a new home if the sim we’re with goes under, which we hope will not happen).



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