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Tweets for June 2009

  • morning BG mmol was 9.1 30 min after waking, so likely a little raised do to being up before reading was taken #
  • 28 out and it feels like its in the 30s instead, that is the low hum for you, rather be in Toronto with the 18 and raining #
  • Got the Omorn Heart Rate Monitor watch, which is like my Time or the Polar – should prove to be interesting, no idea if it does cal burn #
  • @PcosSupport PCOS is not that bad, yes it has its effects but there are conditions far worse then it that ppl have to live with #
  • k have been up for like 2 hours already and BLEEP its freaking HOT here, its 30 but feels a world of a lot HOTTER here then that, sighs #
  • @Siliconwolf ya we got storms here as well, I am so HOPING we do not have tornado warnings going on – those things scare the world out of me #
  • @amethystvisions having non-pagan people in the house can have its issues yes, even worse living with bible thumpers and born agains, RUN!!! #
  • @S_Winkler Is your computer trying to take over again? or is it not submitting to your wishes yet again? ::grins:: #
  • @S_Winkler oh you got work now? congrats on that last i heard you where still job hunting #
  • @CarlaRose depends on what you are looking for in a rower, I got my last one from my local freecycle worked like a charm #
  • @rosenz Hope you enjoyed your time in the UK and don’t have to much jet lag #
  • pre Lunch BG mmol 12.3 … 20 units of humaloh for 208 grams of carbs (remind me NOT let him get me somic 44oz pop again that he cant drink) #
  • @CarlaRose the Toronto Freecycle list is broken into areas because how large TO is (over 8 million ppl), I’m only only my very local one #
  • @S_Winkler ah sorry to hear that though at least its work, which is better then no work at all – I’m having to work on SL to earn any ATM #
  • Understanding A1C with your Estimated Average Glucose – 12% 240–347, 11% 217–314, 10% 193–282, 9% 170–249, 8%147–217, 7% 123–185, 6% 100–152 #
  • @S_Winkler Yes SL works rather well for making an income, make over 2k last year from it would have made more if Id ben on more and marketed #
  • @S_Winkler 2007 I made just over 10k from SL alone from my in world business, 2006 made close to 13k from my in world business #
  • @S_Winkler I know people in world who make all of their living from SL that they do not have to work else where – which is great #
  • @S_Winkler I know I’d make a better income from SL if I put more time and effort into it, but of late I’ve not been in the mood to do so :-( #
  • Michael Jackson is Dead, according to the NY Times – http://bit.ly/15jufx #
  • Well its sprinkling out and the temp is down to 23 from 32 so a good drop. We’re also back from shopping, got lobster tails, muscles andmore #
  • @CarlaRose I love it as well only trouble is it doesn’t love me, I can have a small amount of it once in a while – to much and its ER time #
  • the Back to diabetes basics with Susan Meeke, is interesting but the breeding talk is a little annoying to say the least #ChildFree #
  • @CarlaRose ya its a very fine line when it comes to it. which is why I only tend to have seafood a couple times a year and in moderation #
  • @CarlaRose lol … ya i can see that .. then again I don’t use sugar less I have no choice in the matter, since I’m allergic to the fake #
  • 58 y/o and she hard her first child and didn’t know she was pregnant – why do I watch “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant?” #ChildFree #
  • I am not sure if the insulin is good or bad, but thus far its not brought my morning BG levels down to where it use to … morning mmol 10.1 #
  • I do not think I will complain about the heat as I once did, Toronto is getting 30 and a heat warning, we have been 30 plus without that #
  • @RoseGoddess try? why try? that is like the only way to eat them! … lol … LOVE them them straight as does my mate #
  • No wonder I am swelting here its a freaking 86F/30C out!!! bleep might not be hot for some people but for me its on the verge of intolerable #
  • @CarlaRose for me anything higher then 20C is to warm (no idea what that is F though), I am way to use to Toronto Winters! #
  • @amethystvisions I take it once all the movies have been made then you will read the books? #
  • @S_Winkler choose them? ummmm what took you so long? lol … K i should talk, I got all of mine of DVD and I’ve yet to print any of them up #
  • sighs, just took my morning BG levels they where at mmol 11.1/ 199.8 … not good for a morning BG reading should be lower #
  • @S_Winkler nods, we’ve got one of the large albums that we need to fill with images but are waiting to do so once Norman gets up to Canada #
  • @S_Winkler 800 pro images? if so cool I don’t know how many we have all I know is that they will a single DVD with about 5mg left #
  • @S_Winkler ah, nice and good luck in choosing … hope you can post some of them to your FB account for all of us to view #
  • British dogs trained to sniff out diabetes – http://bit.ly/9hVpK .. great idea, now how about highs? those for me are the big issue #
  • Well Toronto, looks like you’ve dun it again another strike ( http://bit.ly/QobpL ) how the question is how long will it last? #
  • Good to be childfree when the city is on strike but bad as well since it means those who us city daycare will give up extra load cause of it #
  • Got to love it when services you depend on within a city all go on strike or a good portion do, leaves a good taste in the mouth for vistors #
  • @christinerose wish we’d been able to make it but car broke down on the way :-( #
  • Well got a record number for my re-dinner BG level that of mmol 7.8 / 140.4 still a little high but now within set range before a meal #
  • Well my morning BG is mmol 9.8 / 176.4 … I think the insulin I too was heat damaged for it to be that high waking up, will know tomorrow #
  • Blessed Litha / MidSummer Solstice to all … may this day be right and good for you and yours #
  • @CarlaRose I use Google AdSence on my blog thats about the close as I get to that side of things for my blog #
  • @christinerose I hope saturday was a good say for you, and today as well MidSummers blessings #
  • @JMIAHONLINE I’ve not seeing that version of robin hood in ages #
  • @christinerose will look you up when we arrive … would be interesting meeting someone from twitter that is for sure #
  • Well dinner is almost finished, just nuking the rice and veggies to go with the chicken … I hope the chicken is ready, never bbq’ed it bfr #
  • pre-dinner BG is mmol 8.3 / 149.4, while it could be lower yes its at the lowest that its been since I got down here – so its a good start #
  • Well I thought she was my friend, but now I am not even sure of that anymore .. and yes I am ticked, and pissed off … sighs #
  • Not good sleeps that is for sure, nightmares actaully – but my walking BG level was 8.3 / 149.3 so that is getting closer to normal #
  • @amethystvisions What is your LJ and Facebook URLs? mine are LJ = http://bit.ly/u6VQj and Facebook = http://bit.ly/Mw2XD – feel free to ad #
  • Well it does appear that she even removed herself from twitter, she appears to be removing me from her life – sighs so much for friendship #
  • @Siliconwolf no idea if it is or isn’t, but I do know that not all the posts ppl have posted are showing up as they use to #
  • well am off to bed and my going to bed BG level is mmol 12.4 / 223.2 .. NIGHT! #
  • Morning everyone, well my waking BG was mmol 8.6 / 156.6 the lowest it has been since I got here in the morning #
  • @Siliconwolf lol sounds like your talking about rogers #
  • @DiabetesSupport Right now having it is making me feel totally out of it, as in its making me feel like I’ll never get it controlled again. #
  • @christinerose looks interesting, my mate and I are hoping to go to our local come sometime this summer, just have to have a spare 30 for it #
  • @RoseGoddess depends on how you see things, if you have no children then its not the case you do then inherit it from our folks #
  • @christinerose yes for the Colorado Renaissance Festival , didn’t even know about the Irish Festival going on this weekend, sighs #
  • @christinerose would have nice to have known of it sooner, could have saved up sooner for to go … since my husband is Irish to start with #
  • @christinerose Stroke that we will not be there … lol turns out his mom’s springing the fund to let us go (Saturday I hope #
  • @christinerose Stroke that we will not be there … lol turns out his mom’s springing the fund to let us go (Saturday I hope) #
  • @christinerose kicks my typeing, I mean we WILL be there, I think saturday #
  • @christinerose where located in the Spings, so its a little bit of a drive to the events, but with luck we’ll be able to make it to them all #
  • post lunch BG was mmol 11.3 / 203.4 … and I didn’t have much more in carbs then normal #
  • pre dinner BG mmol 11.6 / 208.8 … been high all day with a high of 17 / 306 that came down to what it is now over course of 5 hours. #
  • Not sure if my BG levels are do to my lack of adaptation to a higher elevation they haven’t been under 9 since I got here a month ago. #
  • Well just took 10 units of insulin, here’s hoping that the 10 grams of carbs that the chicken was that the 10 units is enough compensate #
  • I still can’t find info on how change in elevation can effect ones BG levels, I know flying can apparently do so, but nothing about living #
  • franking BLEEP BG before breakfast was mmol 17 / 306 WTF is going on … sighs and growls this is really starting to get annoying !! #
  • just took 12 units of humalog, will test again at 1.5 hours to see what my levels are having taken in 20 grams of carbs #
  • @CarlaRose the 10 g chicken was because it was coated frozen sour sauce so it added a few grams of carbs, at least it was 22 g of protein #
  • Just joined #FlockToMe to connect with people under: #childfree, #diabetic, and #pagan http://bit.ly/yMrNq #
  • Well in a few hours time we will have been here in the US for a full month – talk about wow, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been there that long #
  • @CarlaRose so you only have 20 grams of carbs a day? how the world do you get that few carbs? I have issues trying to keep it under 150 #
  • 1.5 hours after taking 12 units of insulin with a BG level of mmol 17 and having consumed 50 grams of carbs i’m down to mmol 15.5 #
  • @CarlaRose well I know I eat my greens and chicken (not much red meat as I react to much of it), cant touch nuts or most fruits #
  • @CarlaRose NET Carbs? i dont drink juice and have to avoid soy thanks to an allergy to it #
  • @DiabetesSupport P90X once a day, plus walking the dog three times a day for 30 min twice a day and 60 min once a day when its cooler. #
  • @CarlaRose I use SparkPeople to track what I eat, I found fitday just didn’t work for me as well as Spark does #
  • @CarlaRose I’ve been on Spark since April 2006, and since then have lost and kept off 30 pounds for a total of 130+ lost since 2003 #
  • @CarlaRose now I just need to get off another 60 pounds and I’ll be at my goal weight (goal to be at it end of 2010). #
  • @star_johnson it is a great workout program that is for sure! #
  • @CarlaRose oh I know it can come off – its just a matter of time and my body going along with it (got to love PCOS in that regards) #
  • Well just tested my BG again 3 hours after I took my 12 units of insulin with a reading on mmol 17, my 3rd mark reading is mmol 10.3 / 185.4 #
  • ppl might wonder what I am doing with my BG readings so often today what am trying to learn is how much I need to take for x grams of carbs #
  • which is my carbs to insuli ratio (i think) – I’m still not sure on how it all work, I really need to get that book that an ADA member said #
  • My mate is going to take me to the local book shop to see if I can get the book Using Insulin, Everything You Need for Success With Insulin #
  • @JaimieH yes I have been on the site for some time now, but I still do not understand all that I read when it comes to insulin #
  • Well it has been a full 4 hours since I took the 12 units of humalog and had a reading of mmol 17, my 4 hour reading is at mmol 8.9 BG #
  • @JaimieH That is what I am finding, at least down here in the US, back home I wasn’t having as much of an issue keep it controlled #
  • Well just got back in from going to SAMs sighs once again he insisted on getting items that to me were not 100% necessary to get, nice yes #
  • @KarenDales Very good review indeed .. make me wish I could read the book right now, any idea when it will be in the US book shelves? #
  • @Siliconwolf lol, sounds like my husband he tough holding one today after 3 would be good … told him hold off till tomorrow morning #
  • @PcosSupport Everyone with PCOS deals with it in different ways, for me I do not worry about it that much since save for weight no issue #
  • @AnthonyHocken I’ve been using cPanel for years (I forget how long but a good 5 plus years). I’ve never had a major issue with it yet. #
  • @DiabetesSupport depends on the sweet I crave, but in general my can of regular pepsi once a day keeps all sweet craving at bay #
  • Morning BG was mmol 10.9 / 196.2… not a great before breakfast reading but could be worse, but would be oh so much better #
  • @CarlaRose when I blog I do not say if its sponcered or not, but then again I’ve never had a sponcered reason to do so to day #
  • Ohkay I am finally awake – 1030am and I am getting up, guess I really needed the sleep it does appear #
  • @CarlaRose grins, well guess we can both say that we’re waking up then … wish I could say the same for my mate he’s been up since 730am #
  • @S_Winkler blinks umm guess your not for roughing it .. lol .. or is that your idea of roughing it? dang girl why not bring a RV instead #
  • @S_Winkler though RVs where cheap to rent for a few days use .. oh well … at least you get away from it all #
  • BG was mmol 11.9 / 214.3 before dinner, not great but then again have been drinking a 711 slurpee that he got so its expected #
  • @S_Winkler there is that yes, but I got to have it with you after he read your twitters he’s now taking me fishing and camping – BLEEP #
  • I hope I made the lamb burgers up right – lol its mom who tends to make them up not me, so here is hoping what I did works on the grill #
  • @CarlaRose your not the only one, though I will admit that its nice if something is of interest- but to me if a blog is audio its a podcast #
  • watching Bride Wars, so far its intersting but no ware as good as the promos for it make it out to be #
  • Am tired of ppl saying that “everyone women dreams of her wedding day” NOT every woman dreams of it!! I know I didn’t I never thought of it! #
  • I freaking well never dreamed of being a bride, or getting married for that matter! WIsh people wouldn’t make such blasted blanket statments #
  • Yes I know I did get married, but the point is up till he asked me and I said yes I had not thought about it infull, as in common-law was it #
  • @JaimieH Am use to those small minor earth quakes they happen all the time, for me it was the tornado warning that we where under #
  • @S_Winkler Sounds like camping is more trouble the its worth from how you are talking about it … umm anyone for a little overload? #
  • @ginacaps one of these days I will get the Wii system, one of these days it just needs to come down in price by a LOT! #
  • Back from getting the puppies their food, plus some other supplies such as a brace, 2 harnaces, ear cleaner, pet first aid spray and brush #
  • @ginacaps 90 bucks? where? that is a great price for the Wii system – lucky duck you! #
  • @S_Winkler lol I can tell that you enjoy it, I like it well enough but I don’t do well on ground sleeping anymore, k i know air mattresses #
  • @ginacaps LOL now that is funny a “fat Mii” okay – lol #
  • @ginacaps ah ic .. still a good price that that as well #
  • no idea what my morning BG was but my pre-lunch one is mmol 9.3 / 167.4 #
  • @S_Winkler lol, i take it that its a rather good book? grins #
  • Well got a fair amount of house work accomplished, we just have the lundary to complete . #
  • @S_Winkler 3 hr only? nice took Norman 10 hours total to do 6 loads – lol – guess you didn’t have that much to do? #
  • @S_Winkler Dang you were up early … lol … then again wasn’t much longer after that we got up .. lol #
  • Well looks like we have no car for the moment, some broke on the one his mom was letting him drive and she wont pay for to get it fixed #
  • Which means that we are having to use some of extra funds we were saving (for food) to get the car back into working order, am ticked at her #
  • It is a good thing that he back a background in car repair or the fee to have this dun would be outragious to say the least – sighs #
  • Well I know that the US in general has some really strange sex laws but BLEEP talk about out there and nuts laws – http://bit.ly/11tfCr #
  • 15 Shocking Tales of How Sex Laws Are Screwing the American People – http://bit.ly/11tfCr #
  • @CarlaRose yes she does have it, but what ever coverage she has dosen’t cover this stuff apparently, that and he needed to change the oil #
  • It takes guts to say: ‘I don’t want children’ – http://bit.ly/iHoQk … Good article for the ChildFree #
  • Tornado warning in our area – BLEEP #
  • not much of a posting day it does seem, oh well there are days like that when you are busy with life and stuff #
  • morning BG was mmol 12.6 or 226.8 – sighs, I took the 20 units of lantus – for all that 7hr later its still not down was around that at bed #
  • @Siliconwolf mmmm grill, lol my mate and I did that yesterday for dinner, doing it again today for dinner again, got to love the summer #
  • @CarlaRose are the paves views income generating or will they just increase the bandwidth that you use on the server? #
  • @unclemantis ya can also see images from the wedding though my FaceBook account under photo’s #
  • Well we have made a fair dent into things around the apt, plus got laundry on the go apx 6 loads, garbage taken out, dishes dun #
  • Now all that needs doing is clean washroom, kitchen and remake the bed and plant the herbs/veggies #
  • Well got the bed remade, but still haven’t gotten around to cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, or planting the herbs/veggies #
  • @mklprc never said that females dont but when ever dad or he goes out they always come back with more then they went for, i shop on budget #
  • @mklprc mmol the universal units used for blood glucose readings, 17.2 is around 309.6 in US blood glucose readings #
  • @CarlaRose fitday does have a mac application that will run on the itouch last i saw (less it was recalled – been a while since I looked) #
  • mmol/l is millimoles/liter, and is the world standard unit for measuring glucose in blood. #
  • “World standard”, of course, means that mmol/L is used everywhere in the world except in the US. #
  • To convert mmol/l of glucose to mg/dl, multiply by 18. … To convert mg/dl of glucose to mmol/l, divide by 18 or multiply by 0.055. #
  • sighs, i’m still trying to get my head around him lying to me … sighs, he said he wasn’t smoking again even swore he wasn’t – lier he was #
  • @unclemantis it went very well, it rained but that didn’t hurt how it went in general I’m finally getting around to uploading the images #
  • @RoseGoddess ah, chuckles the only other referance to green that i new of was the supplment product by that name #
  • is it a Canadian thing or just his family – but isn’t it common to cook corn on the cob on the BBQ? or Lamb or Potatos? #
  • well Norman ordered the first season part 1 of Thundercats, should have it later this week if not next #
  • I wish his old work place would have kept their word that when he came back he’d have work with them but no they went back on their word #
  • Took the rust bucket to the dog park, and he ended up running into a fellow cocker who also was blind and going deaf #
  • @mklprc cool, I’ve only ever left it in the husked diped in water then placed on the coals, nothing tastes better then BBQ corn to me #
  • bedtime BG was mmol 8.3 #
  • @CarlaRose yes I am still searching for work as is my husband #
  • Sighs did it again, for got to test my BG levels before I have breakfast – on well happens a lot of late – mmol 11.2 right after BK #
  • @CarlaRose yes, unfortunatly the place he was working at when he came up to marry me will not take him back like they told him they would #
  • @CarlaRose luck with your own search when the time comes … i’ve been job hunting since 2005 without luck beyond a day here a week there #
  • http://bit.ly/2vszd Diabetes diagnostic test recommended as standard from CNN – good idea in general but it would not help ppl who are IR #
  • D.C. Federal Court Rules People With Diabetes Cannot Be Denied Employment Based on Disease Management – http://bit.ly/Sw7Ob #
  • Withholding insulin as a way to lose weight is a serious eating disorder with devastating consequences – http://bit.ly/IP8jx #
  • Just qurious has anyone heard of a dog doing his business in the shower? why? simple our new pup couldn’t hold it and use the shower instead #
  • Insulin (and other injected drugs) – http://bit.ly/13jG3g #
  • @RoseGoddess Its a good movie, minus some of the inconsistances that appear in it – looking forward to it when it comes out on DVD big time #
  • Well it dose appear that I am going fishing with the family, sighs i really do NOT wont to go fishing in this hot weather at all, grumbles #
  • @pcoshelpcentre simple there aer actually some people who are allergic to them, and to other fruits (i know i can’t any any citrus) #
  • well i am awake, and no i’ve not dun my morning BG yet – today is just starting off to blasted warm and its not making me feel good at all #
  • Well we are back from fishing, we didn’t catch anything other then sun burn .. his sisters hubby though caught about 3 fish that we know of #
  • K now I have seen everything, K maybe not but ummm “The bra to help you get a man”? alrighty then – http://bit.ly/ABMsU #
  • Actor David Carradine found dead – http://bit.ly/KiEcN .. talk about ouchers, he was a good actor at least I liked him in his various rolls #
  • Are You Closer to Your Friends or Your Family? – http://tinyurl.com/5fmghs – You Are Much Closer to Your Family #blogthings #
  • Remind me NOT to eat at RED TOP again their bugars are murder walking … over 2,000 calories for a whole bugar, BLEEP and over 100 g of fat #
  • K i know i shouldnt have ordered the bugar to start with and I new it would be aorund 2000 cals, but still entering it in just confermed it #
  • @CarlaRose carb wise 90.7g was what it comes out to for a whole bugar with 76.2 grams of protein #
  • at elast teh bugar itself was not high in sodium, that is an up side to it – though a small one to be sure #
  • so intake for the day is Calories = 2253 … Carbs = 236 g (with 21g left over) … Fat = 109 g and Protein = 86 g (with 52 left over) #
  • I am over my cal intake for the day by 573 calories … not that bad, just means watching it later on is all (that and watchig my BG levels) #
  • @CarlaRose my cal limit is 1680, my carb limit for the day is 236 g, my fat is 61 g and protein is 138 g #
  • @CarlaRose I only count sodium because for me getting more then 500mg a day use to be an issue (doc kept on me to increase it a little #
  • @CarlaRose I use to have that issue my min cal intake is 1330, i’m prity good at getting the min, but not always #
  • @WeddingbellsMag I would have proposed to him, but he beat me to the punch so to speak #
  • @RoseGoddess Lural K. Hamilton has a few good series out there, but if you don’t like a little sex added her books aren’t for you #
  • morning BG was mmol 10.6 … still not great, then again I did have some milk about 5 hours ago, but still a little higher then it should be #
  • @lauracommeree hello – nice to hear from you, always good to know others who have PCOS and are diabetic #
  • @pcoshelpcentre no strawberries are not good for everyone, but for most they might well be #
  • @WeddingbellsMag I like how I had my hair – braeded down the back of my head in a sort of medivel crown look #
  • @dLife ya i’ll say its impacted – getting hard to afford the amount of insulin that I need, enough so that I’m reluctant to take what i need #
  • @WeddingbellsMag well worth it, though be warned can be blasted expensive to get it dun, and getting it dun in a months time stressfull #
  • @CarlaRose well I know the spings needs it since they didn’t get as much of a winter as they needed for the crops #
  • @CarlaRose but as much as the Springs needs the rain, to much of it not a good thing by any means #
  • @CarlaRose ah, I didn’t know that Ca was in a drought #
  • @JaimieH I always say public, no way would I do anything in private with US or foren customs if i could well help it #
  • @CarlaRose does that mean they are doing water rashioning? sorry dont know much about droughts we’ve not had one in ages #
  • morning BGs were fair high, sighs at mmol 10.3 … yet by rights they should be down, les the lantus being a day over 28 is no good now #
  • @CarlaRose yesterday was cold n rainy, today is a repeat of yesterday high of 18C/64F low of -1C/30F with thunderstorms here and there #
  • Are you on Twellow? Check out my listing and register yourself also! http://twellow.com/u/Nyxks #
  • I just joined the diabetes Twitter Group http://tgr.me/g/diabetes so stop by and see us. #diabetes #
  • I just joined the Child-Free By Choice Twitter Group http://tgr.me/g/childfree so stop by and see us. #childfree #
  • @CarlaRose had a little bit of hail to go with the rain, first time I have ever seen that off season (aka not during winter time) #
  • Well we are back from the police station where he got the paperwork to get his police back ground check dun that needs doing to get his PR #
  • @CarlaRose I dont know why they didn’t but I am finding a lot of differances here, in many areas that are familure yet not alien to me #
  • @amethystvisions really? ummm add a few more #
  • @amethystvisions I also have LJ, MySpace and lol I’m almost never off facebook (am on like 20 different RPGs on there) #
  • @amethystvisions nice its been ages since I did IM or play-by-post RPGs .. go figure #
  • morning BG mmol 13.3 after 7 hours down time #
  • Well looks like I’m doing it, lol I’m once again dying my hair, this time i am letting Norman choose the colour and he chose high alburn red #
  • lol from just the way it looks at the moment, it look like its going to be redder then it noramly goes in the sunner, lol #
  • ACK RED!!! .. lol .. boy is my hair red, redder then it nornal goes in the summer .. lol #

Tweets for April 2009

  • @PossetsFabienne TweetDeck rocks, been using it for a month now .. best twitter app that I’ve run thus far, also most stable #
  • @KarenDales Cool beans, looks like the interview went well – lol good listings for the URLs listed – good publisity it does appear, congrats #
  • @AnthonyHocken Top Scripts and click Time? oh kay where do I find that under what? #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/Wordpress to join #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/FurryFandom to join #
  • @cookinsforme sounds like you need to test a lot, or are you just testing your BGs that often to chart what various foods do to you? #
  • 7 day average of BG – mmol 9.1 (not good as it could be – grrrz) … 14 day average = 9.5 (still not good) … 30 day average = 10.1 (BLEEP) #
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RPGs that I am on on FaceBook

Well I am on a host of RPGs on FaceBook, so if you are on them feel free in adding me to your team or teams, I can always do with adding another team mate to any and all of my teams.

Vampire Wars

Mafia Wars

Special Forces

Fashion Wars


Dragon Wars


Castle Age


School of Magic




Drinking Wars


Be Popular


Pocket Battles




Super Powers


Sorcerer of Darkness


Blood Hunters


Demon Wars


Age of Chivalry


Tweets for March 2009

  • 32 days till the wedding happens … or … 1 month, 1 day and about 23 hours #
  • No idea why some people do NOT read all that has been posted in chat, and assume one thing where it was not stated nor implied – grrrrz #
  • As much as I enjoy SL – at times it can be more then a little frustrating to say the least #
  • 34 days till the wedding … or … 1 month 3 days an about 14 hours #
  • well he saw the immigration lawyer, and she seemed positive about what needed doing in the time frame, so here’s hoping she is right #
  • 34 days left till th ewedding … or … 1 month 4 days and about 16 hours left to go! #
  • LOL totally forgot that today was Earth Hour!! .. lol #
  • 35 days till we are getting married .. or .. 1 month 5 days and about 8 hours #
  • When the Stork Carries a Pink Slip – http://tinyurl.com/c5coxp … shakes head at some ppl #
  • Right at the moment I am going a little nutters trying to find songs to put on our play list #
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Facebook Catching up with me

Well it does appear that people from my past are now starting to find me via my facebook profile.

Now I am talking about people from high school, not from College or University, but high school of all places and even one or two from before high school …. like ACK!

K, I new it was a possibility that I might one day run into ppl from my early school days, but lets say it really wasn’t on my mind when I joined FB that it was going to happen this soon!

Oh well tis the way of life, take care everyone

Fun on Facebook

Well I will admit to playing hooky from work yesterday, k work on my sites that is.

I spent about 3 hours straight playing around on there, looking at friends profiles giving them gifts and what have you, plus just looking at random profiles that where linked to firends profiles in general.

Even added a few more apps to my ever expanding profile, which I am sure some friends are wondering when it might well stop growing in size, or not. Last count I had something like 30 apps added to my profile, but hay works for me so thats what matters in the end.

Side the new apps are run in their own fashion, even added a virtual iPhone .. lol .. well its the closet I’ll come to having one I am sure.