Yule Legends

New Water
Water is a highly charged substance, being the current that carries life, but at such an auspicious time as New Year, it becomes even more magically potent. In Britain and other parts of Europe there was ! a belief in the power of “new water”, the first water of the year to be drawn from the well. As the clock struck midnight people rushed with their pitchers to be the first to collect the”cream of the well” and the good fortune that went with it.

The Yule Log
The burning of the Yule log was an important ritual to ensure good luck in the coming year. The log itself, as well as the fire, was venerated. The log symbolizes the vegetation deity the Green Man, its ashes were said to have magical fertilizing powers. They were scattered on the fields to make the earth bear fruit the following year.

Under the Kissing Bough

* Whoever stands under the mistletoe may be given as many kisses as wished.

* With each kiss, a boy should pluck one of the berries from the mistletoe; when all the berries are gone the kissing stops!

* If a man-servant refuses to bring ivy to a maid-servant to decorate the house, the maid has the right to refuse him kisses under the mistletoe.

* The mistletoe should be burned on Twelfth Night or some of the young women and men who have kissed under it may never marry.



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