Who Is The Goddess?

And the Child  asked the Maiden: Who is the Goddess?

The Maiden turned and replied: the  Goddess is Pure. She is the first burst of Life. She is untouched by Man.

She is  One who finds Joy in  everything. She is a Sister. She is a Child. She is One who  is Servant to None for She  has no Consort and no Child. She is the Huntress. She  is Innocence. She is Growth.

But the Child was unsatisfied. And the Child  asked the Mother: Who is the Goddess?

The Mother turned and replied: The  Goddess is She who nurtures us. She  keeps us safe. She guides us.

She is the One  to whom we can turn. She is the mother with the child at the breast. She is the  pregnant woman. She is  the One who has the earth as her body, the full moon as  her symbol. She is the One on whom we depend for life. She sustains us. She is  Life.

Still the child was unsatisfied. And the Child asked the Crone: Who  is the Goddess?

The Crone turned and replied: She is Death and Rebirth.  She is the Wisdom Collected over many Lives. She is All that has Happened. She  is All  that will Happen. She is One who has come to the end of the Cycle. She is  Feared  by the Young. She is the welcome Aid to those in Pain, to those who  suffer. She is the One to whom All turn when They no longer wish for the Life  She has  given Them. She is Destruction in preparation for the New.

Still  the Child was unsatisfied. The Child looked around but there was no one else to  ask. Finally the Child shouted: GODDESS! GODDESS, WHO ARE YOU?

The  Goddess replied: I am the maiden. I am the mother. I am the Crone. I am Diana. I  am Isis. I am Kali. I am Birth. I am Life. I am Death. I am Creation. I Sustain.  I am the Destroyer. I am one Goddess. I am

Thousands of Separate  Goddesses. I am  in Everything. I am Everywhere. I am Eternal. I am in Everyone. I am whoever You  want me to be. I am in You.

And the Child was  satisfied.



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