Using Candle Magick

The first involves writing a wish, desire, etc on a fresh, clean piece of paper and setting it alight in the flame of the candle. Keep the ashes to give to one of the elements and let the candle burn out on it’s own. Take the time to meditate while the candle burns (don’t leave the candle unattended unless you are sure it is absolutely safe!)

The second is much the same as the first but this time instead of burning the paper in the flame, fold it up and place it underneath the candle. Once again let the candle burn out then place the paper in a safe place until your wish, or desire is fulfilled then thank the Gods and give it to one of the elements.

The third is a way to use candles as a way of representing and communicating with others. Use a candle in a colour which you feel represents them. For example if you wish to send a message to a boy or girl you liked you might use red for them representing desire. Try using a silver candle between the two as silver is the colour for spiritual messages.

The fourth involves transferring your own energy through physical contact with the candle. Hold the candle between your palms and, as you visualise your goal, feel your energy streaming through your hands and into the candle. Light the candle and visualise your energy glowing from the flame and moving away to perform your will



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