Types of Magick

Magick: Magick is the method by which a witch can alter the physical aspect through affecting the spiritual aspect. Magickal workings can be accomplished through rituals, spell casting, and simple acts of will. There are several types of magick: dream magick, candle magick, verbal and non-verbal spell casting are but  three methods.
Dream Magick: Dream magick provides a simple, yet effective method to achieve goals. Prior to going to sleep for the evening, prepare as if attending a ritual. If possible, arrange for music which is conducive to concentration and power raising, to be played. In bed, lie down and concentrate on that action which is desired. Visualize the successful completion of the desired task. Concentrate and continue to concentrate until sleep comes. While sleeping, the spell will take form as a dream. Upon awakening, the spell’s purpose will have been filled.

Candle Magick: Candle magick is similar to dream magick, except the visualization is done via a candle, and the caster is not required to fall asleep. According to some sort of symbology which the caster finds meaningful, choose a candle of a colour which pertains to the desired task. Light the candle and as it is lit, visualize the desired outcome. Stare into the flame and visualize the successful completion of the desired task. Believe that upon the natural extinguishing of the candle the spell’s effect shall occur. Do not extinguish the flame; it must burn-out naturally. Like dream magick, candle magick is dependant on strength of will, visualization and belief.

Verbal Spells: Spells which are spoken aloud are verbal spells.  Sometimes accompanied by music, somatic gestures, dancing and the use of certain materials and tools, verbal spells are one of the more popular ways of working magick.   When working any type of magick, symbology which is relevant to the caster is very important. Finally, remember the Rede; frivolous or harmful magick will have serious repercussions for the caster.

Non-verbal and Somatic Spells: Adept practitioners of the craft are able to make their will manifest without verbalizing. If gestures are made, these non-verbal spells are considered somatic. This type of spell work can be considered as being the most advanced; the ability to alter the physical world through the means of the spirit via a thought is most powerful. Visualization skills and strength of will must be exceptional for this type of magick to be effective.

Important Note: Prior to casting any spell, remember to prepare any required ingredients ahead of time: incense, candles, music and other environmental or spatial concerns should be attended to prior to the casting. Often, it is advisable to take a cleansing bath prior to casting, to help in relaxation and to symbolically wash away anything which may hamper the spell’s effectiveness. Also, once all is ready to begin the spell work, remember to cast the circle first.  Protection during casting is a wise precaution. Once all of the preparation is completed, and the circle is cast, you are ready to begin your spell work.



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