Totems of the Fire

Totems of the Fire
reworked by Nyx Wolfwalker 1999

Fire – Faith, Protectors

Direction – South

Attributes – Relationships, Trust, Innocence, Vulnerability, Living in rapport with your personal environment strangth, Courage, self-purification, Will, Drive, Self-determination, Child Self, Hunour, Cleverness, Kindling Divine Flame of Spirit, Self-Trust, Knowledge of/from environmentFaith

Animal World Totems – Burrowing Cretaures, Badger, Procupine, Coyote, Fox, Mice, Most Snakes, Dogs, Cats

Minteral World Totems – Highly charge messages, Sensory stimulators, Stones – gemstones for protection, Crystals of healing, Ruby, Carnelian

Plant World Totem – Cinnamon, Juniper incense

Human World Totem – Physical exercise, Body awareness, Work

The above information was collected and reworked from the following’s books.
Walking the path of Shamanism – Raven Whitefeather 1975
In the Shadow of the Sun – TwoWings Walking Bear
In The Shadow of the Shaman – Amber Wolf
Attribute-Faith, Protection
Animal World-Coyote, Fox



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