Totems of the Earth

Totems of the Earth
recompiled by Nyx Wolfwalker 1999

Earth – Wisdom, Connectors

Direction – North

Attributes – Practically, Measured Formulas, NDA Codes, Ceremony, Patience, Teaching, Knowledge fromSymbols, Possessions, Applied Knowledge, Learning, Rituals, Self-rank, Wisdom

Mineral World Totems – Crystals of Widsom, Stones – ritual gemstones, Specific Lessons and Purposes, Hightly symbolic messages, Onyx, Jasper

Animal World Totems – Mystic Creatures, Buffalo, Moose, Stag Deer, Mountain Lions, Owls, Dragons, Night Birds

Plant World Totems – Oak tree (to sit under)

Human World Totems – Ritual, Studying symbols (runes)

The above information was collected and reworked from the following’s books.
Walking the path of Shamanism – Raven Whitefeather 1975
In the Shadow of the Sun – TwoWings Walking Bear
In The Shadow of the Shaman – Amber Wolf



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