The Way of the Woven Star: Cornerstones of the Craft

To Know = the Element of Earth
To Will = the Element of Fire
To Dare = the Element of Air
To Be Silent = the Element of Water
To Weave = the Element of Spirit

To Know
By fire this means to sense, physically using your body awareness to protect and strengthen the knowledge you encounter.

By Water. This means to use your inner wisdom, to listen to your inner voice, to know through your emotional responses. Your intuition reveals the inner healer and teacher who guides your quest for knowledge By Earth. This means to check the facts, to determine the validity and practicality of whatever knowledge you are taught by others or by your self. Your connection to truth provides you with the personal leadership to determine your own path to knowledge.

By Air. This means to think, to use your head to be perceptive, to be aware of your thoughts. Ask everyone, if you choose to, but think and decide for yourself about knowledge. Your thoughts are the bard communicating within your mind.

By Spirit. This means to know within the sacred realms of your Self, if the knowledge you encounter has truth and a positive light.

To Will
By fire. This means to use your physical strength, your will as a warrior to energize your work, your life, your Craft. Put some muscle behind your intentions and activate your will. This helps protect your purpose.

By Water. This means to willfully express your inner emotions, to regulate your emotional stability and control the flow of that which would either strain or empower your health. Will your self to wellness.

By Earth. This means to have willpower to overcome limitations imposed on by either you or others. It also means having the will to judge what is practical and of positive potential – the will to choose wisely.

By Air. This means to restructure your thoughts in accordance with your own will. It means having the power to express yourself not willfully but with the inspiration of inner will.

By Spirit. This means being attuned to the light, the will of highest power and having the willpower to quest for the best.

To Dare
By Fire. This means to dare to take action. Fire up and get moving. This does not mean blood, sweat and tears in the literal sense. It means simply to dance your dance, to walk your walk – not just talk your walk. Be an active warrior for truth and light.

By Water. This means to dare to reach within and experience your emotions fully, to recognize the blocks that keep you emotionally bound, and to assume full responsibility for the health of your life.

By Earth. This means to dare to assume leadership, to change structures and limitations that are wrong and damaging. It means also to dare to be successful, prosperous, and abundantly powerful.

By Air. This means to dare to speak your mind and to dare to think for yourself. It also means using your intellect and perception to determine what you think and say. Think before you speak, and you will express yourself clearly. Dare to do that.

By Spirit. This means to dare to live your life according to the guidance of your highest light. It also means to dare to seek the counsel of your own spirit.

To Be Silent
By Fire. This means to show restraint, to be still and self-controlled. It means to have faith and courage to hold yourself in check and to take charge of your actions and your reactions. When your sensations cause you to act and react without control, then you have lost the battle right away.

By Water. This means to go within yourself, to enter into the silence. It means to make time for private self-healing, to retreat for transformative purposes, and to quietly receive what you require from within your self.

By Earth. This means to listen and receive from teachers and leaders – all those who bring you wisdom, Whether your choice is to accept the teachings of others or not, you must first listen before you can choose wisely. There is a time for questions and a time for simply hearing what is being said. It also means to silently observe all life, all Nature, all wisdom to receive truth.

By Air. This means to develop the skill of silent perception, to have the quiet focus required for deep awareness. It also means to communicate with yourself and to silently become aware of the unspoken messages of life.

By Spirit. This means to be in that quiet state of spiritual attunement with your Self and Nature. It means to leave the noisy static long enough to receive and experience the silent gifts of light. Grace of spirit enters quietly. Be silent and you will know when it comes.

To Weave
By Fire. This means to make physical efforts needed to activate your Craft. It means making a physical commitment to be strong, to use your energy for your Craft. It takes strength to work with the energies of nature. Even the threads of purest light require physical strength and involvement.

By Water. This means to weave, responsibly, the emotional energies of your life into a fabric that is self healing and sacred. Weave the transformative experiences from your inner wisdom and the energies your emotions bring you.

By Earth. This means to craft your work into structures of wisdom for the good of all. Weave a stable life with threads of wisdom and knowledge you collect. Weave abundant energy for growth. Make it beautiful and enjoy your work.

By Air. This means to express your Self and your gifts in a manner that creates harmony and empowers nature. Weave your images and your ceremonies of power into magnificent, poetic melodies that celebrate life.

By Spirit. This means to consciously connect with the Goddess, to inter weave your self and your Craft with the crystalline web of light. It means to experience your Self as part of all life, all Nature. Weave with threads of light and attune with the experience of transcendent power.



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