Suggestions on Using The Ouija Board

1. Don’t use the board alone!
2. Don’t repeat any strange riddles, words or names that come through the board

3. Do not fear any spirit or Demon, or say there names out loud. This gives them power.

4. Do not mock the board spirits, If they start mocking you, or saying profane things, get rid of the board.

5. Do not ask the spirits to tell the future, dead spirits might know the past, but only demons and elementals know the future.

6. If you feel in any way uncomfortable, leave the board alone. This goes for unsettling dreams and mood swings that happen afterwards as well.

7. For those of you who can see the board spirits, look for anything uncanny about them, a missing finger, no eyes, because this indicates a Demon. They can never get the human form quite right.

8. Know what your getting in to.

9. Have a Bible ready and perhaps some holy water, Say some prayers when you are finished.

10. Always say goodbye with the planchette.

11. Never ever trust any spirit. If its a Demon, at first it might be the nicest greatest person you ever talked to, but that will change quickly.

12. Remember that whatever comes through the board could come back to haunt you, 6 months or even years later.

13. Be careful what you talk to, sixty years from now or so, you might just end up meeting whatever it was you chatted with at your death bed, A most unpleasent thought.

14. Never build your own board, those cheap cardboard things with a glass for a planchette are even worse then the wooden boards. (Some people recommend making your own board)

15. One last piece of advice, If you get a demon over the board, you might someday get rid of it, but if you get an elemental over the board, you are screwed for life, because these things are more nasty and powerful than demons, and more intelligent too. Its hard to tell the differences, but an elemental can do things like burn houses down and make people die, after you have contacted it. it doesnt need your fear to feed its energy, like a demon who might feed off you for months or years and then strike. None of these entities are human, nor have they ever been



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