Soul Travel

Soul travel has been practiced by shamans and healers of indigenous cultures throughout time. Soul travel is an experience that allows an individual to move into the inner worlds of consciousness. It provides a break from the mundane, day to day survival and a connection with the love and oneness of all creation and it is perfectly safe.

Soul travel in it’s most common form is the dreams we have while sleeping or even in daydreams. This form of travel is primarily uncontrolled and spontaneous. It occurs each night as our bodies lie at rest. When we begin to develop the ability to lucid dream, that is to awaken in our dreams and become both actor and director, we have taken the first step in conscious soul travel.

Upon beginning to consciously practice soul travel you will discover that there are three main realms to visit; inner earth, our current dimension and the upper realms.

The inner earth is a place of connection with the devas, fairies, minerals, plants, animals etc. This is a fascinating arena in which to explore. You can gain great insight into the gifts and talents that have been given to you by the nature of your being. It will also allow you to get to know the essence of the beings that share our worlds with us.

Soul travel within our current dimension allows you to connect with people and places from the past and future, as well as the here and now. The ability to heal at a distance and remote viewing is part of this form of soul travel. In this dimension you can play with friends that are miles and continents away and be of service on a planetary level.

The higher realms are where we can travel to other planets, solar systems, etc. It is also in this realm that we are most able to connect with angels and our spirit guides. In this realm you can truly begin to connect with the Light from which we came and to remember the purpose for which you came to Earth.

Many people are very concerned about the safety of their Soul during travel. Please remember that your Soul is immortal and cannot be harmed. The only “negative” things you can encounter are only your own fear projected outward. When you recognize this all encounters, both in soul travel and in day to day life become an opportunity to remember love and oneness.

There are many techniques for soul travel. Our favorites are the use of shamanic drumming and Transform-Breathing. Of these two Transform-Breathing is the easiest to master for most people and requires no special equipment, i.e. a drummer or drumming tape. This breathing technique is a full wave connected breath that very quickly allows the ego-mind to step aside and for Soul to begin to travel freely to where it needs to go.

Transform Breathing has the added benefit of fully energizing the body with prana or chi at the same time. This activates the body’s natural healing powers so that upon return you feel energized, rejuvenated and fully alive.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: I have been told that there is a “silver cord” that connects us to our body. What is this?
A: There are actually two “cords” that connect to our bodies. One is a silver or gray colored cord. This is the portal by which we enter our body upon birth and then exit it upon death and for most people this cord serves as a “lifeline” while practicing soul travel, much the same as a rope or line allows scuba divers to find their way back to the boat. The other cord is a golden color and is actually our connection to the source of all life, which is Light. While the silver cord can be “broken”, the golden one cannot. The name for this golden cord is the Muldahadra.

Q: Are there negative or evil forces that I should be afraid of in soul traveling?
A: While we do live in a dimension of polarity, where there seems to be good and evil, there is only one source and that is Light. That which we define as negative or evil is only the projection of our own fear and is to be used as a way to open more fully to Oneness and Love.

Q: Can my Soul become lost or fragmented while traveling?
A: You are always whole and complete and can only be fragmented by a conscious decision to do so. As for getting lost; you may feel temporarily disoriented, but remember this is an opportunity to overcome your fear of separation and to move back into a state of oneness.



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