Significance of Colours for Ostara Eggs

? Black – Absorb and dispel negative influences, Mystery, Rememberance, Eternity, Constancy

? Blue – Healing, Peace, Astral projection, Fidelity, Sleep, Unity

? Brown – Animals, Helps connect to the rythms and energies of the Earth

? Gold – Activity, Money, The God, The Sun

? Green – Abundance, Calm, Fertility, Prosperity, Neutralize difficult situations, Renewal, Freshness, Hope

? Indigo – Clairvoyance, Healing, Past lives

? Orange – Attraction, Energy, Friendship, Willpower, Endurance, Strength

? Pink – Romantic love, Peace

? Purple – Communication with higher level beings, Connection with the Divine, Ending quarrels, Healing, Tranquility, Patience, Trust, Deep Sleep, Healing serious illnesses

? Red – Courage, Lust, New life, Desire, Passion, Sexuality, Strength, Enthusiasm

? Red Violet – Hidden knowledge

? Silver – Psychic abilities, Spirituality, The Goddess, The Moon

? Turquoise – Spiritual Knowledge

? White – Good fortune, Healing, Purification, Virgin Goddess

? Yellow – Creativity, Communication, Intellect, Knowledge, Youth, Mind Power, Light, Purity, Happiness, Wisdom

One form of decorated egg is the Ukranian pysanky. There are many fine books that describe the symbolism on pysanky, not to mention the rich symbolism within Wiccan and other Pagan traditions. If you would like to know more about the meaning behind pysanky, the traditional symbols or the symbolism of the colors used on Ukrainian eggs



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