Shamanic Living Or The NEver Ending Journey

Shaman List of Supplies
1. Any personal crystals or gemstones you feel drawn to.
2. A drum – Nemo is a good synthetic brand. Leather from cow, buffalo, deer and elk are very nice but need more care.
3. Shaman rattles – gourds or other type.
4. Different colored candles.
5. Yellow cornmeal.
6. Plain tobacco – loose and a twist.
7. Sage, cedar, and/or mugwort for cleansing smoke ritual.
8. Poster materials to make a mask.
9. All sizes and colors of feathers. All feathers, claws, hooves, etc. should be gathered without killing the animal.
10. 4 directional; stones: yellow, red, black & white.
11. A special blanket for sitting or lying on the floor.
12. An empty pouch or bag 6-8 inches long for a medicine bag.

Last but not least: An empty space with about a seven foot circle area

Any combination of herbs that create a pleasing smoky fragrance and be used, but the most popular are sage, cedar, mugwort, and pinon pine to name a few. We should all smudge the circle and ourselves and others to create a harmonious spiritual place. We invite spirit in to our cleansed space and get grounded and balanced while connecting to spirit.

Smudge smoke should be passed over the heart area for right feeling, and the forehead for right thinking. This is considered a self blessing to put us in harmony with the ALL THAT IS. We smudge the circle as did the ancient European Shamans, to clear out all adverse feelings and call for the harmony of ALL.

Grounding and Centering
Imagine you are like a tree: rooted into the earth, held in a tight embrace. Try to sense if you are swwaying a bit to the right or to the left, and if so, bring these 2 sides together into balance. This is known as being centered.

As you become more & more aware of your body and its subtle energies, you will constantly be striving to keep in balance. The Shaman must be balanced and focused to do his work.

Some personal power, or energy, can be siphoned off in various ways through everyday experiences: such as contact with a very ill person, or a very negative person, and we must be vigilant in bringing our energy back into balance when this occurs

Working with Allies, Totems and familiars
Your ally or totems will show themselves to you. Be quiet and listen for their voices.
Find a secluded spot in nature and wait to see who visits you. Learn to turn off TV, radio, and the sounds of traffic.

Sit quietly, undisturbed, close the eyes, and breath rhythmically and slowly. Feel as if you are sinking into Mother Earth, getting solidly grounded and tuned in. If any animals appear in your mind or in reality(such as a bird at the window, or outside, a hawk overhead) take the time to try and feel like that animal is part of your being, see with their eyes. It is very likely that you already know what one or more of your totems might be. A cat is always near you as your pet, or perhaps a lizard in a heat tank, and also you might have always loved horses. Any animal – big or small- wild or tame= can be a totem.



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