Samhain Night

As I walk this moonlit path
Whispers on the wind
Night so still, sky so bright
Demons about, I feel their wrath

As I walk I feel the fear
Spirits about
The air so tense
What is that which comes so near

A strange noise in the night
Heart is beating
Can’t seem to breathe
Sensing the evil in the light

Massive panic starts to grow
Hands start twitching
Hair on end
Could that be an ugly troll

A scream so shrill
But no one hears
Am I truly all alone
Such a dark and lonely thrill

Just when I thought I was dead
A twitch of the eye
A shake of the hand
I am actually in my bed

As I awake all aghast
Sweaty brow
Body shaking
Samhain is here, here at last



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