Prosperity Help From The Oak Tree

The ancient Druids honored the majestic oak as one of the strongest of trees, able to withstand lightning strikes, and providing food for many animals in the form of abundant acorns. Because of its characteristics, the oak became a potent symbol of fertility, protection, and strength.

The Druids used different parts of the oak to make simple helpers for prosperity, protection, and more. When we engage the benevolent energies of oak with respect, we focus our intentions, which is always a good first step for manifesting our deepest yearnings.

Learn the Druid lore for making these simple but effective talismans here:
To ward off bad intent: an equal-armed cross made of oak twigs(symbolic of the four sacred directions) and bound with a red thread is placed wherever one needs to ward off evil.

A charm of protection: Carry a piece of oak wood.

For prosperity: Plant acorns in the dark of the moon.

To increase fertility (of projects or ideas, as well as human reproduction): Carry acorns or place them on your altar.



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