Old Time Remedies

Alfalfa— brings prosperity to the home in which it is stored

Aloes— anoint the big toe or phallus of a lover with the gel

Angelica— brings angelic influences, drives off evil

Anise— the odor improves consciousness

Ash Tree Keys— burn at Yule to bring a year of prosperity

Betony— dispels depression, cures toothache

Bittersweet— sleep on a sprig to get over a departed lover

Buckeye— draws money to you

Buffalo Herbs— worn in an amulet, it brings courage

Burning Bush— carry a sprig for brilliant luck

Coriander— wards off disease

Damiana— carry some in a gris-gris

Dill— smell it to cure hiccups

Dock— wash your store’s doorknob with the yellow kind to bring “gold”

Elder— worn to ward off rheumatism

Galangal— secrete some on your person when hauled into court

Ginger— good for throat infections if placed under your pillow

High John The Conqueror— cures depression and brings luck

Huckleberry Leaves— cure depression [don’t ingest them]

Laurel— sneak three leaves into the adored one’s pocket and the person is yours

Lavender— wear some in your jockstrap to be irresistible to women Little John The Conqueror– carry some for luck and protection

Lovage— attracts love

May Apple— carry this with your money and you’ll always have money

Magnolia Leaves— placed under the mattress, these improve your sex life

Motherwort— worn to increase nursing mother’s milk

Pennyroyal— worn to counteract seasickness

Periwinkle— powder, sprinkle under the bed

Rosebuds— burn in your fireplace for luck, scatter at the roots to kill neighbor’s trees

Sage— dried and held under the tongue, attracts women

Samson Root— carry it in your pocket to increase virility

Thyme— burn it to fumigate the house of evil, put some in your bath water to be sexier



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