Materials for Magickal Tools

This list can be consulted when crafting altars, magic wands, and other spell craft tools created from wood.

Balsa = Psychic awareness
Cedar= Healing * purification * protection
Cherry= Love
Ebony= Protection
Elder= Spirituality * protection
Eucalyptus= Healing
Maple= Love * Money
Oak= Strength * Health
Pine= Money * Healing, Exorcism
Walnut= Health
Willow= Psychic Awareness * Blessings of the Moon

This is a short list of shells.The best shells are those you have gathered yourself on beaches. If using store bought, say a blessing of “Release” for the animal that once inhabited it.

Abalone * General use* Use to contain Empowered Herbs and Stones.
Clam shells * Used for Purification & Love * Talisman.
Conches * Love Magic.
Limpets* Courage * Confidence * Physical Strength.
Oysters* Love & Good Fortune.
Sand dollars* Wisdom.
Scallops* Spells for Travel & Movement.

The magical qualities are determined by their color (and sometimes) by the bird from which they fall. Never harm a bird for it’s feathers.

White = Purification * Spirituality * Hope * Protection * Moon

Green= Money * Fertility * Growth.
Brown= Health * Stability * Grounding * The Home & Hearth.
Orange= Attraction * Energy * Success * Change.
Yellow= Intelligence * Blessings of the Sun * God Energy.
Red= Courage * Good Fortune * Passion * Life.
Pink= Love * Friendship.
Gray= Peace * Neutrality.
Blue= Psychic Awarness * Peace * Health.
Black feathers= Not reccomended



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