Horoscopes for February 5th to 11th 2007

This week’s scenario is highlighted you are too smart to take risks. Your impulses may attempt to pull you away from common sense. Your health will suffer if you are excessive or push yourself too hard. Don’t beat around the bush, explain your intentions and you’ll do fine. If you want to buy something beautiful now, do it. You can learn a lot if you listen to individuals who have more experience under their belts. Others will be ready to listen to you. Your ideas about improving the workplace are excellent, perhaps could even be profitable. By week’s end, you should focus on your hobbies and not allow anyone to take advantage of your good mood.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by some potential difficulties with large organizations. Finalize important details and you will feel much more relaxed. You have very good feelings towards your personal relationships. It might even occur to you how great you feel when you’re with them. If this is the case, tell them! Don’t make them read your mind. People love to hear positive words and good things about themselves. You’ll also be praised for your effort. Don’t allow anyone push you into something that you’ll regret later.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the fact that adventure will find you no matter where you are or what you are doing. Step wisely if you want luck to follow your path. Enhance your delight by exploring how things work. Your positive ideas and practical moves will impress all of the right people. Don’t be too surprised when someone offers you a reward for your efforts. By week’s end, you’ll still have more than enough energy to burn, so get out and jog, hike or bike. Do something physical, it’ll improve your outlook. Make some time for play.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to see humour in a delicate situation. You’ve taken on too much and now you’re going to have to become a juggler in to meet your deadlines. Get out and interact with others. Dig deep and discover the truth. You’re going to have to rely on your imagination to help you find a better solution. It’s time to make your move. You may like the people you are working for but money talks. Little annoyances will cause outbursts of temper that could easily lead to problems. Curl up with a good book and refuse to let anyone press your anger button. Hobbies will be a satisfying outlet for you. You’re connected to the heart in ways that are unexplained. You feel both adventurous and secure. You may tend to overspend if you go shopping. Don’t let friends interfere in your love relationship. Make up your own mind.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your knack for mixing business with pleasure. Demonstrate the skill that makes you famous. Everything you do is seen as an example of excellence. The support you need to boost your career and your good reputation is available to you now. Things are looking so good, even others are amazed. Someone you work with may be trying to withhold important information from you. Don’t be satisfied with lame answers. Dig deep to get the truth. Pay attention to details and keep your boss informed as you go along. Your position could depend on your actions. Open your mind and loosen your grip. If diplomacy fails, you’ll still have enough control to bite your tongue. Your temper may be short, but your wit is quicker. If you feel a confrontation coming on, use it. Use your energy in new and positive ways, the results will make you smile. People recognize each other’s needs but don’t always discuss. Communicate your feelings. Pursue the opportunity for shared happiness.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by elements of the unknown. Rumours and secrets will be revealed. Sooner or later you’ll have to wake up and take action. You need to make a fresh start. Explore, engage and communicate. Express yourself in daring new ways. You’ll be particularly skilled at dealing with others, this week. You’ll be able to meet interesting people if you attend trade shows or conventions. Others are very receptive to you and your ideas. Help those less fortunate by using your experience to enlighten them. You’ll feel great if you can do a friend a favor. The doors of success are open and ready for you. You’ll be drawn to young people and their ideas. Brainpower is a powerful form of energy, allow your senses to absorb the new influences you feel. Trust that you’ll find a solution.By week’s end, you’ll be ready to entertain & enjoy the company of those you love. Plan a weekend of fun and relaxation.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to sense and allow changes. The resources of others, whether it’s your partner or another individual, can benefit you at work. There’s plenty happening that should pique your interest. Dive into the changes that come rushing your way. An old emptiness will be filled to your satisfaction. Romances and other mergers are more likely than ever. Your capable hands are ready to hold a fortune. Don’t push your luck when dealing with friends or children. This is not the time to be negative. Learn from your past experiences. The longer you let things sit the worse they’ll get. You’ll feel uncertain, but your opinions are changing and re-evaluation is necessary. You may be too efficient for your own good, but sometimes the only way to get things done right is to do them yourself. You want so much to be loved because you’re finally ready to love back. You’re never lonely when lines of communication are open. Don’t take your frustrations out on loved ones. You may take things the wrong way on an emotional level.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to accept change and move on with your life. You’ll have great energy to get your world more organized. Promises may be broken, but you shouldn’t let anything stand between you and your objective. You must learn to be more self-sufficient in order to gain other’s respect. A show of emotion may be confused with weakness. Mental challenges will help rejuvenate your overall outlook. You’ll be able to put the spark back into your life. Harmony will reign within a busy workplace.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to keep one eye on the future and the other on your present course. Be sure that it satisfies all of your personal needs. Try to combine business and pleasure if at all possible. Other people’s stories will be of great value to you. Choose direct information rather than secondhand sources. You might not get what you expected, but you might wind up with something even better. Travel will provide you with adventure but don’t overspend in the process.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to see past the immediate. The only thing that keeps you from reaching your goals is a bend in the road. Don’t get coerced into joint ventures that have no merit. State your ideas and question data if you have any doubts at all. Your ideals still mean something and you still have something to prove. The reassurance you offer will spare others some grief. Now is the time to resolve an ownership issue for once and for all.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your need to rethink the role that you have been playing lately. There should not be anymore secrets. Dwelling on the past will only hold you back. Even though you may lack your usual freewheeling energy, it’s nice to know what you can and cannot do. So called enemies may actually be ready to help you. Allies would like you to become an equal partner. It’s time for you to form vital partnerships. Wherever you reach, you’re sure to find something of value. You live by impulse and you profit through your natural brilliance. Share whatever wealth comes your way.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your intuitive feelings to experience other cultures and philosophies. Your thoughts may be unwelcome in some circles, but you’re free to think them anyway. Celebrate your appetite for adventure among friends who share your passions. The right moment will come soon enough. Your intuition could lead you to different concepts than you ever thought of. Use your good judgment rather than relying on your good luck. You are restless because you feel strongly ambitious now. Choose your course wisely.



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