Horoscope for March 4th to 10th 2007

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to spark an alliance with someone new, who shares your beliefs and morals. Others are happy when something works, but you need to know how it works. Direct everyone’s attention to the advantages of uniting your forces. You’re too busy to be lonely. Your mind will be full of ideas. Keep your focus on the task at hand. Share them with others as you walk along new pathways. You can afford to wait for others to bring their talents to the table. You don’t want to have to wait for anything, you want everything yesterday. Your hidden strength will be to find patience to wait for something greater to arrive. You’ll be empowered to do something important. A recent loss of confidence will be remedied by a gain of power. Frustration may cause hurt feelings. Step back from reality and use your sense of humour to help make your point. Your wish will come true only if you make it so. Try not to spread yourself too thin.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to take positive action against negative forces. You prefer to make your own traditions but others may insist on the old routines. Navigate yourself with care around other people’s moods, as they may not be adjusting as well as you are. The gossip that you hear may differ greatly from the true story. Ask pertinent questions to get a clearer picture. Share your inner thoughts with those close to you so they’ll understand your motivations. The force of your feelings will spin you off course to an even better feeling place. You’ll be able to be yourself and everybody will be attracted to your charming character. An agreement will end negotiations and both parties will embrace and move forward together. If others are unready or unwilling to start the next project, you should move ahead without them. You have much information to consider and you need to focus yourself on making the right decisions.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to accept changes that are inevitable. Others may expect great things of you, but only you know what’s possible and what’s not. Forecast enough money for your needs early in the week. Present a practical solution so that you won’t disappoint too many people. Taking a stance for what you believe in excites you rather than scaring you. You’ll be invited to a prestigious occasion. You don’t know what to wear, what to bring as gift for the host. Relax your expectations and you’ll do fine. Dress appropriately but stick to your budget, because you’ll look good in whatever you wear. You need to test your strategy. During hard times you had the strength to take the blame, but now you can take the credit for good times. Be week’s end, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The Moon will bring fresh air to feed your already powerful flame. Something very different is trying to happen, allow yourself experiment into new directions.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to listen to your heart when it really matters. Your timing will be perfect, your style impeccable, but your anger will be counterproductive to your objectives. Others may need to vent their emotions, but it won’t help your situation at all. You need to use your intellect and philosophy to find your answers. You may be asking a question that has no answer. To you, you are stating the obvious, but for others you will be opening previously locked doors. Dialogue is the first step to understanding more about others. You’ll receive an unexpected gift. Quick thinking on your part will help you to return the sentiment. You’ll learn something very meaningful from someone who seeks your friendship. Spend your weekend unwinding with family and friends.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to communicate at any level. Everyone wants their say, but nobody wants to listen. Luck will help you out of your current mess. If you don’t like what’s happening, put your foot down, express your feelings and it will stop. Let your intuition guide your topics and you’ll breeze through any discussion. Few expect this kind of strategy, which is good news for you. Instead of throwing a tantrum, calmly provide another reason for your stance. After all, happiness should be your bottom line. You need to loosen up the restraints you feel & try to stretch the possibilities. You may find that your limits will move further than you expected. Greatness will come to you because of the person that you really are, deep inside. Share the exciting times that are about to happen with those you love.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to find a place to hide. No matter where you go, controversal issues will await you. Don’t use sarcasm, as a smart answer could get you into big trouble. Use your head for thinking instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Love speaks to you and through you, you just have to listen. Mixed emotions are the starting point for a moving experience. Try to be more productive, stay focused and ignore the words of those who are jealous of you. Even though there are many things that you can’t control, you need to show your courage and begin to have more fun. Your vision of the future will

encourage those who think the same way as you do. There’s power in apologizing to someone who needs your attention. Take the first step toward healing their emotional wounds and they’ll be loyal to your cause.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to find humour in everything you do. You don’t mean to laugh at others misfortunes, but it’s so easy for you to to see the humor in it. Look for the good qualities in others, be sensitive to their feelings but don’t hold back, as laughter is good for you. It’ll be very contagious and truly make a difference to someone’s outlook. A new romance will develop from a very unlikely situation. Your heart will prevail over your ego. Go ahead, break away from others preconcieved ideas of who you should be and start to dream. The confusion of change is far better than losing new opportunities. A friend will appear where you most need and least expect. Strong influences will move you towards making a quick decision. Be direct and embrace the inevitable rather than trying to postpone it. By acting now, you’ll be able to compromise so that everyone gets what they want.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to try a different strategy. Watch and learn from strangers, especially those who are very different from you. Old routines or patterns will not work for you, this week. You need to look at things from a wider perspective. New experiences will find their way into your life. An early start to the week will increase your chances for success. Your timing still isn’t perfect, but if you’re determined, everything will move along fine at it’s own pace. When your breakthrough comes late in the week, you may want to be alone with your thoughts. Swimming by yourself is much better than sinking. So much the better, if everyone wants to do their own thing. Don’t expect too much assistance from friends or family members who don’t understand your motives. They may help you but they will expect something from you in return.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to get ahead of the pack. Even though you’re part of a team, you need to put youself ahead of others, for a while. You have a personal mission that takes recedence over everything else. Others are free to follow you, but you can do it on your own. Whether you’re giving out the orders or just moving ahead yourself, you’re bound for a success tour. Rise up and take long, purposeful steps to achieve your goals. You’ll be able to deter failure by insisting on certain precautions. Creativity will take over from mundane routines. The discovery of great ideas will make you glow inside. Strangers and friends alike, will be ready to converse with you. Get ready to start new friendships and alliances.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to stay afloat when reality fails to meet your dreams. You luck will flow from different sources than you are used to. Recent events have set some new restrictions to your lifestyle. Circumstances favor you only if you know your place among other stars. You need to choose a simple path rather than the more complex one that you’ve been on. If you want to have an effect on others, you need to be patient and allow the dream to come true. Those who loves you will understand your reluctance to change the rules too quickly. The problems you have now will turn into stepping stones for success in the future. Those you pushed you away will not be included in your plans. Pay attention to your appearance and hold your head up high with dignity. Quietly rally your forces for next week’s big push. By refusing to give up, you’ll be present for the return of happier times.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to take care of yourself. Your heart is big, and your world has plenty of room for others who share your ideals. Children and lovers will shine with a new brilliance. Anchor yourself to your physical needs. The changes will begin from there, even if it’s just a walk around the block. From where you stand, the past and future are in full view. You need to address your feelings by making peace with what has happened in the past. You know that you may have to pay others for their help, but you know it’ll be well worth it. Use your imagination to find ways to attract more followers. Your voice will be very convincing. Others will volunteer their time willingly, not realizing that you have been manipulating them. Don’t allow anything to weaken your force of will and success will prevail.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to use your ambition to obtain your goals. The Moon will give you a greater understanding of what is really possible. As you get closer, watch out for unexpected changes in your mood. You know when someone is genuinely interested and when they’re not. Use your body language to get you point across. You’ll find yourself on roads you’ve never traveled before. Give something that is no longer useful to you to someone who will appreciate your generousity. Stay on good terms with allies that need your advise. You can best exploit that potential with your business contacts. A well tuned proposal will get a green light. The changes will continue, moving into a more understandable pattern. Allow those capable to take over while you take care of yourself for a while. Respect your opponent without being afraid of them. You should know that you are performing a valuable service. Don’t allow the power of the force of your vision to separate you and your loved ones.



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