Home Made Yule Insense

Home Made Yule Insense
Nyxka 1999

2-3 tbsp – Ground Frankincense
2-4 drops – Bayberry Oil
1-2 tbsp – Ground Pine (its best to use fresh pine needles, if at all possible)
1-2 tbsp – Crushed Wheat (optional)
3-4 tbsp – Freshly ground Cinnamon (sticks of cinnamon are best to use, through the powdered version will do in a pinch)
3-4 tbsp – Fresh ground Nutmeg (warning … fresh ground nutmeg can be very volatile around open flame.)

In a small to medium size bowl, add the Frankincense, to the Frankincense, add the Bayberry Oil. To the Frankincense and Bayberry Oil add the ground Pine, to the Frankincense, Bayberry Oil and Pine you can add the Wheat or not.

Mix the first part together well, until ites well mixed, once you’ve finished add the freshly ground Cinnamon and the freshly ground nutmeg to the mixture and contine to mix until you get it as evenly mixed as you can.

Once mixed, place in air tight jar, and store until you wish to use it.

When ready to use, sprinkle some on to a piece of charcoal and let burn, and wait for the aroma to fill the room, add as much as you need to keep the aroma going, for as long as needed.

This also makes a great yule gift. As a gift idea, you can place the mixture into a nice bottle, place a green and red ribbon around the bottle add a tag and there you go a simple yule gift.



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