Herbs for Protection and Banishment

Angelica – Banishing.

Asafetida – Banishing… strong…

Balm of Gilead – Protection against pain from love.

Bay Laurel – Protection of the home.

Betony – Protects against negativity in a relationship.

Burdock – Stops you from feeling bad about yourself or others.

Cactus – Banishing.

Celandine – Helps against undue negative situations.

Clover – General protection.

Comfrey – General protection; helpful in the astral realms.

Coriander – Protection of the home.

Dill – Protects babies, and against negative energy.

Dragonsblood – Strong for banishing.

Elecampane – Gets rid of hostile energy.

Garlic – Banishing.

Hawthorn – General protection.

Hazel – Protection during magic.

Heather – Powerful for general protection.

Heliotrope – Banishing. Also protects against theft.

Holly – Protects the home.

Hyacinth – Protects against nightmares.

Hyssop – General protection.

Ivy – Protects against negative energy, unwelcome guests, and protects

Juniper – Protects your “things.”

Lemon Verbena – Dream protection.

Marjoram – Protects the home.

Mistletoe – General protection.

Mugwort – Protection whilst traveling.

Mullein – Strong general protector.

Myrrh – Protects your “things.”

Nettle Leaves – Protects against negative energy.

Pennyroyal – Protects against negativity from others.

Peony – General protection.

Black Pepper – Protects against silly, pointless arguments.

Rose – Protects the physical body.

Rosemary – Protects against negative energy.

Rue – Banishing.

St. John’s Wort – General protection.

Soloman’s Seal – General protection.

Thistle – Protects against thieves.

Vervain – General protection. Great for kids.

Yarrow – Protects against negative influences.



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