Hearth And Home Blessing Spell

Take chalice, salt, water, spoon and feather and place them before you on your altar. Pour a little water into the chalice. Add three spoonfuls of salt. Stir three times deosil (clockwise!).

Bless the salt water and then charge it with cleansing energy holding your hands above it and visualizing a shining sphere of yellow light passing into the chalice and driving out all negativity.

Then visualize a shining sphere of blue-white light streaming into the chalice bringing with it cleansing energy and say:

“Behold, I purify this water of all negativity and charge it to be an agent of cleansing.”

Take the chalice and feather. Dip the feather in the cleansing water and holding the feather high, asperge the place to be blessed with droplets of water until the whole room has been cleansed and say:

“I cleanse this hearth and home of all negativity. Only good may enter and dwell here. All negativity is banished.”

Replace the chalice and feather on the altar and visualize tying a knot around the chalice to bind the spell and say:

“I bind this spell by power of the three,

May it harm none and bring good to me.”



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