Ponaturi (New Zealand)
The Maori Ponaturi is a coastal species of Fairies who live in the watery deeps. Their skin has a light greenish color with unnatural phosphorescent radiance. The fingers are long and end with clawlike talons. They can be seen ashore in the dark of night glowing eerily.

Duergar (Great Britain)
The Duergar is a solitary fairy that leads travelers astray with it’s flickering torch. There are male and female fairies, but is known to be more of a male species who does this. They are malicious creatures who believe the hills are their home only, wants wants to cause harm, mischief, or death to those who trespass.

Mountain Fairies (China)
Mountain fairies are beautiful, dainty, and irresistable. Popular tales tell of these fairies who shapeshift into humans, and invite mountain travellers to stay with them. They feed the men hemp, and usually they stay for a week. When ready to leave, the fairies do allow them, but upon arriving back to their families, the men grow bored of their family life, and return to the fairies. These fairies are not usually malevolent and are known to be creatures who feed upon the human soul and love, as if in relation to the stories of mermaids.

Wood-Wives/Skoggra (Germany and Sweden)
The petite and beautifully dressed Wood-Wife species and be found in old forests and dense groves. With long claws, they are usually accompanied by violent whirlwinds. It is said that if a branch is twisted until the bark comes off, one Wood-Wife dies in the forest.

Changelings (Great Britain)
Changelings are fairies often described as pale, big-headed, mentally retarded, or deformed human babies. In actuality they are not humans at all. It is known that these fairies loved to play small tricks on humans, by stealing things when their backs were turned, playing music that forces people to dance against their will, or breaking valuable household objects.

Fox Fairy (China)
The Fox-Fairy is considered highly dangerous and held in awe. It was a shapeshifting undead spirit who, in order to live again, would steal love from humans. In order to do such a thing, the Fox-Fairy would change into a wicked young woman, or an old man or scholar. For the female Fox-Fairy, when turned to a woman, it would steal love when it’s victim was having an orgasm in sex. Once the love was gone, the victim would feel worthless and waste away into nothing. The Fox-fairy then moves on to another.

Fair Lady (Hungary)
The Fair-Lady is a very powerful fairy that often shapshifts often into a beautiful woman, often naked, a horse, or a long-haired woman dressed in a white dress often who looked like a common housewife. The Fair-Lady travelled through towns, looking for homes to stay in. When a person brought her in, she would cast a spell that left a person struck dumb, without a voice, or worse.”



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