Dream Stones

Your dream stone is used in some night spells, here’s how to make yours.

First select the kind of stone you want to use as your dream stone. I would recomed a piece of clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, or citrine as your first dream stone.

To clear out any unwanted energies in your stone, place it in you left hand, covering it with your right. Next imagine a clear pool of water in your mind.

Breathe in deeply, seeing and sensing the clear water washing out your dream stone, and then pulse your breath out sharply through your nose, as if to set the image in place in the stone.

To program your dream stone, repeat the clearing process, only instead of imagining clerar water in your dream stone, imagine what you want in it, from spiritual clarity to prosperity or maybe a new relationship.

The choice is yours.

After programing the stone, hold it in your nondominant or receiving hand(left if you are right-handed) as you sleep, noticing how it affects your dreams. Check out different types of stones programing them for various things while agian observing their affects on your dreams. You can also intentionally bring your dream stone into your dreams, using it for energizing, traveling, and healing. As you drift to sleep, simply repeat to yourself, “Dream stone of light, Dream with me tonight.”

Keep this stone next to your bed, under your bed, or in your pillow case in a natural fabric bag you cushioning, or hold it in your receiving hand at night as you drift to sleep. The power of the stone entrains your dreams, just as your energy entrains the dream stone.

The following is a list of stones you can use for dream magic, along with their properties.


-Agate: Grounding and balancing your dreams, self-confidence, balance

-Amethyst: Divine communication, wisdom, bannishing nightmares, dream protection, mental clarity.

-Citrine: Dream messages, mental clarity, dispelling negative dreams, empowerment, remembering your dreams.

-Clear Quartz: Ultimate dream magic stone, spiritual connection, divine guidance, healing dreams, divine dreams, time travel, astral travel.

-Diamond: Divine inspiration, remembering your dreams, amplifying dream energies, protection, magical dreaming.

-Herkimer Diamond(an extremely hard diamond): Propitious for all kinds of dream magic, stimulating higher awareness, filtering out negative dreams.

This material has been provided for educational purposes for your own personal use, I am NOT the Author of this material and is it posted in good faith of sharing information with other’s who walk the various paths.



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