Day 11 of 44 Days of Witchery

Witchy tools: oils

I’m not big on using oils as part of my tools, I do have them but not for use in rituals – my favorite in general are Peppermint. Mint, Lemongrass, Apple n Cinnamon and Menthol.

I tend not to use them in ritual work mostly because I do not have a the ability to get them replaced as often as I would like to do so, so what I have are more for use in the bath to help me relax when I really need it.

For many the main purpose of using oils in ritual and spell craft is to bring in the energies of the plant, tree, fruit or flower’s essence and then focus its energies towards what you are needing. But it is not 100% necessary that you use oils in rituals or in spell craft, cooking oil and water will work to me it is the intent behind it all that really matters when all is said and dun.



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