Charging Your Candle

This is a quick, uncomplicated ritual designed to be used for all positive purposes.

You will need;
* One candle of the appropriate color and carved with appropriate symbols
* A candle holder
* Matches (preferred to a lighter)

When you are ready to begin, you will first ‘charge the candle’ with intention.

To do that;
* Hold the candle in your ‘power hand’ (this is the hand you write with).
* Open your opposite hand and turn your palm up toward the sky
* Breath deeply. Visualize your goal.
* Visualize ‘Universal Energy’ coming into the palm that is turned skyward and filling your body.
* Visualize that Universal Energy mixing with your intention.
* Push the intention mixed with the Universal Energy into the candle.
* Feel the energy streaming into the candle and filling it.
* If you wish, speak out loud the intent of the candle.
* Place the candle in its holder.
* Strike a match above the candle and draw down the flame toward the candle lighting the wick.
* Extinguish the match flame with a quick flip of the wrist.
* Stay with the candle for a few moments visualizing your intention, feeling its energy moving into the Universe.
* Leave the area and let the candle do its work.



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