CD REVIEW – Wantness CD

Wantness CD
by Anthony Amalfitano © 2008
Cezori Publishing Company
634479646331 $13.00 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Michael Gleason

This CD contains a nice mix of traditional and new offerings. If you enjoy ballads this CD is for you. Wantness’ vocals are well suited to this style and the instrumentation fits equally as well.

The copyright dates on most of these songs go back to 1981. so I have to wonder why I haven’t heard of this talented artist before now. I may have something to do with the fact that I haven’t done many Pagan festivals or gatherings since about that time. It has definitely been my loss; and it will be your loss if you don’t pick up this CD and enjoy these songs.

Listening to these songs transported me to a campfire, with a full moon rising over the trees. I am grateful that this fine artist, and this wonderful collection of songs, was brought to my attention. I recommend it without hesitation.



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