CD REVIEW – The Temple of High Witchcraft Meditation CD Companion

The Temple of High Witchcraft Meditation CD Companion
by Christopher Penczak © 2007
Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN 0-7387-1166-9
4 CD set
$24.95 (U.S.) $28.95 (Canada)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

Christopher has a voice which is extremely soothing and comfortable to listen to. On this CD set (each CD runs about an hour), as in the sets which accompany each of the other books in this series, each exercise begins the same way (counting down to ritual consciousness). While this may seem like overkill to some people, it serves to make this technique an ingrained part of your world. It also allows individuals to jump around and not (necessarily) in strict order.

These CDs are no substitute for reading the book. They contain only a small portion of the material and a selection of the exercises and meditations which comprise the majority of the written work.

As always, Christopher has selected music which greatly aids the entering of altered states of consciousness. It is pervasive without being intrusive and helps you move smoothly through the meditations. A large portion of each pathworking is devoted to this music with no verbalization. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. It is an experience not to be missed and, once worked through, not to be forgotten.

The final CD moves beyond the pathworkings into other territory (i.e., elemental journeys in search of the four magical weapons). Again, plenty of time is allowed for you to fully experience the journey.

Is this set necessary if you have the book? No, it isn’t. Is it beneficial? Absolutely. It allows you to experience the meditations without having to tape record them. And, as I said earlier – Christopher’s voice is soothing and enhances the experience.



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