Cat of Many Colours

Once there was a cat all white who wished that he were black as night. He was thirsty as could be, and in the cupboard, what did he see? Grape juice right before his eyes! He drank it. Then to his surprise, he turned from white to something new. Deep dark purple was his hue. He peered into his little cup, saw tomato juice, and lapped it up.

He soon became the brightest red. He thought, “Maybe I should go to bed.” But he wasn’t tired, and so he looked for somewhere else to go. He spied an orange on the floor, and pounced on it, and played some more. As he played this little game, orange was what he became. He played with some blueberries, too.

So suddenly the cat turned blue. A sour lime sat on the ground. The kitty licked it and he found that he felt strange and not so keen, for he had turned the color green. Now he was a sad little fellow. So he ate a banana and turned the color yellow. Just then he saw a tasty treat, another food he had to eat.

A long black piece of licorice gave the little cat his wish. He ate it all, and soon he was black from his head to his paws! Why did this happened? You guessed it right if you blamed it on Samhain night.



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