Buying, Cleaning & Empowering a Crystal

Buying, Cleaning & Empowering a Crystal
Author: Mario Buscemi

Buying a Crystal: One of the suggested methods of buying a crystal requires that you look at a crystal and see if it “vibrates” with you. Look through a large number of them until you find just the right one. This works fine as long as you wide variety to select from.

Another method to purchase a crystal is buying whatever crystal that is available to you. You may also get one as a gift. In either of these cases, you will be “bonding” with the crystal and that provides the “tuning” of the crystal to your “vibration”. So it isn’t all that critical that you find the “perfect” crystal when buying one. Cleaning: Water with a little salt, wash gently, and dry. Dish soap can be used. Do not use dyed or strong chemicals because of the chance of discoloring the crystal. Its best to keep it simple. Polish it with a jewelers cloth after. Avoid scouring pads because it can scratch the surface.

Purifying: The crystal will have traveled long distances and have been held by many different persons, which makes it susceptible to having mixed vibrations. It needs to have these vibrations neutralized so that you can impress your own pure intentions upon it.

The most common way to do this is to hold the crystal over the smoke of incense while impressing upon it your intention that it only relate to your impressions as its possessor. It can also be held over the heat of a candle in the same manner. Do not place it directly in the flame because extreme heat can change the color. Bonding: This is the step that makes any crystal a part of you and your psyche. It alleviates the need to find the “perfect” crystal. Once you have bonded with the crystal it is then “tuned” to your mind and vibration. You should do this with every crystal whether it be a large expensive specimen or an inexpensive tumbled gemstone.

Find a quite place where you can be free from distraction for a few minutes. Hold the crystal in your hand and with your eyes closed, feel every part of it recording in your mind its feel and touch.

After that, open your eyes and look at every part of it noting its color, shape, flaws, inclusions and imperfections. Become familiar with ever angle and part of the crystal. You create an impression in your mind of the crystal that will remain there. It only takes a few minutes and you should do this with every crystal. From here you can go on to empower the crystal if you have a ready intention, or you can save it for empowering at a later date.

Empowering: Here is where you put the most powerful energy in the universe to work, your mind. You give the crystal or tumble gemstone your intention which becomes its purpose. You can assign it any purpose or desire that you have and it then becomes your icon which represents the the intention you want it to hold. It is your intermediary to the universal machine which enables all thought to become physical reality.

Sit quietly with the crystal, and meditate or ponder what it is you want it to represent for you. Focus as intently as you can for a few minutes while your intentions are transferred to the crystal. Have faith that your intentions are recognized by the universal power of All That Is, (God). The crystal then becomes your “Genie” which is dedicated to doing your will. You are then free from direct involvement or the grasping that interferes with the universal process. Place your faith in the fact that your intentions are made known. You can also empower more than one crystal with the same intention.

This material has been provided for educational purposes for your own personal use, I am NOT the Author of this material and is it posted in good faith of sharing information with other’s who walk the various paths.



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