Goddess of light, inspiration and all skills associated with fire, she is the benefactress of inner healing and vital energy. She is the mother of all things, mistress of all the elements, Queen with divine powers, trilogy goddess of the spoken word, healing and fire.
~ I radiate love
~ I walk in beauty
~ I radiate widsom
~ Love flows into my life like a river
~ My aura glows with welcoming fire
~ I am a magnet to loving relationships

Related essences: Vanilla, almond, oriental lily, bergamot

Related gemstones: Carnelian, coral, agate, brown jaspar (orange stones)

The Celtic goddess Brigid is the traditional patroness of healing(represented by twin serpents), poetry (the ancient Celtic tradition of see-poets and bardic lore were the primal retainers of culture and learning), and smithcraft (her sisters carry the alchemical sword and blacksmithing tongs). All of these elements are all practical and inspired wisdom and creativity.

Brigid was worshipped by the pre-Christian Brigantes as the Bringer of Prosperity, but over the centuries made the transition from pagan Mother Goddess to Virgin Mother to Christian Virgin Saint. Compassion, generosity, hospitality, spinning, weaving, smithwork, healing and agriculture ran throughout her various lives and evolution. Her magic powers and strength over fire were consistent through her morphisms, and she successfully made the transition back to goddess again with most of her traditions intact. She is the caregiver of the fire she keeps burning in the hearths – “it is she who hangs her cloak upon the rays of the sun and whose dwelling-place radiates light as if on fire”.

She is revered with sacred trust for her divine justice in both Ireland and the highlands and islands of Scotland. The worship of Saint Brigid has persisted up until the early 20th century with her Irish followers as faithful to her as to the Virgin Mother Mary.

Consistent with Celtic lore, Brigid’s women are honoured and highly respected. Brigid is not compromised by allegiance to one lover or husband, so is free to utilise her healing powers for the good of all.

So it is, that if you are feeling you have lost your passion, your fire, and you are wandering without goals and directions, light a candle for Brigid. As you let yourself become mesmerised by the flickering flame, try to internalise Brigid’s gentle wisdom to help you escape from the maze you have created for yourself. She will lead you home to the safety of her hearth, and you can rest in safety with the knowledge that you are warm, loved, serene and wise.

Brigit, ever excellent woman,
golden sparkling flame,
lead me to your fireside,
warm me with your love.



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