Book Blessings

This is a great way to begin a BOS or Grimoire. Protection of the material within the book are extrememly important, especially if you live in a household where the path you follow is unknown.

Simply chant:

In the realm of magick this book shall reside
No one but the chosen shall see what’s inside
If breath be to air as passiomn to fire
Let harm come to none, this is my desire

If life be to earth as water to emotions
This book be filled with magickal potions
May the gods protect it, keep it from harm
And upon it bestow power, magick and charm

No one without wisdom shall peer at it’s pages
Or the knowledge inside handed down through the ages
This book be it mind, it harbors no fears
The knowledge obtained through blood sweat and tears

My magick’s my passion, the spirit’s my guide
The love for the goddess I hold deep inside
The book may she bless it with spiritual light
Anlet only her childeren read of its rite

For those of wiccan truly can see
This is my will, so mote it be.



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