Colour: Colourless or White

Appearence: clear or opaque quartz with striations and usually small

Rarity: Rare and Expensive

Source: North Carolina (one seam, mined out)

Attributes: Rare and light bearing crystal. Stone for the New Age. Pure vibration one of the most refined in the mineral kingdom. Attuned to the highest frequencies. Brings higher frequencies down to the Earth to aid spiritual evolution.

Expands yoiur consciousness. Can lift awareness and vibrations to a higher level. Helps bring out your positive vibration to benefit others.

Never requires cleansing and is always energized.

Should be handled with care if your not use to working with spiritual realms or at high frequencies. Vibrational shift induces powerful and unpleasent side effects until it has been fully assimilated.

Spiritually: Helps in meditation, instantly inducing a state of “no mind” and providing a protective spiral around the physical body. Stimulates the kundalini to rise up the spine. Stone of vision and crown chakras reaching up to spiritual levels. Tunes into spiritual quidance from the future. Assists in making important decisions.

Activates the ascension points at the base of the spine, middle of the abdomen and center of the brain to shift to a higher vibration while still in the physical body. Used on the third eye it can help you see the future.

Healing: Treats cancer, cellular disorders, and inflammation. Aids in the chronically sick by revitalizing purpose and restoring the will. Most of it’s healing work is in the spiritual vibrations working on the chakra connections to higher reality and vibrational shift.

Position: third eye, crown, or as appropriate



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