ACRONYMS and Abbreviations and other useful terms

5K – Five Fold Kiss
AFIK – As Far as I Know
AOL – American On Line
AIM – American Indian Movement
AISI – As I See It

BB – Blessed Be, or Brightest Blessings
BOS – Book Of Shadows
BRB – Be Right back (or Bath Room Break)
BTB – By The Book
BTW – By The Way

C&W – Cakes & Wine
COG – Covenant of the Goddess (Wiccan Organization)
CYA – Cover Your A**
DC – Disconnected
DOB – Date Of Birth

EAFW – Earth Air Fire Water

FAIK – For All I Know
FFF – Faith, Family, Folk
FYI – For Your Information
“Fundie” – Fundamentalist

G&G – God And Goddess
Geezer – person who is used to computers / or groups
GR – Great Rite

HP – High Priest (or Harry Potter)
HPS – High Priestess

ICQ – Mirablis program
IPLIPT – In Perfect Love, In Perfect Trust
IRC – Internet Relay Chat
IRT – In Regards To
ISP – Internet Service Provider
IM – AOL Instant Message
IMHO – In My Honest/Humble Opinion
IMNSHO – In My Not-So-Humble Opinion
IMO – In My Opinion

JW – Jehovah Witness

LLL – Light, Love, Life
LMAO – Laughing My A** Off
LMHO – Laughing My Head Off
L&L – Lord & Lady / Love & Laughter
LOL – Laughing Out Loud / Loads Of Laughter

MMC – Maiden, Mother, Crone
MM – Merry Meet
MMMPMMA – Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again
MP – Merry Part

Newbie – person who is new to computers / or groups
NM – Never Mind

OIC – Oh, I See
OOBE – Out-Of-Body-Experience
OT – Off Topic
TOT – Totally Off Topic
OTOH – On The Other Hand

PC – Politically Correct
PIC – Politically InCorrect
PM – Personal Message
PMFJI – Pardon Me For Jumping In
PO – Personal Opinion
POV – Point Of View
PULC – Progressive Universal Life Church

R&R – Rites and Rituals (or Rules & Regulations)
RCC – Roman Catholic Church
HRCC – Holy Roman Catholic Church
ROTFL – Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTLMAO – Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROTLMHO – Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Head Off

SO – Significant Other
SOS – Same Old Stuff

TPTB – The Powers That Be (Yahoo or YAH*LL)
TTTL- Ta Ta Till Later
TY- Thank you

UU – Univeralist Unitarian

WB- Welcome Back
WFA- Witchcraft For Adults
WWW – World Wide Web

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary
YW – Your Welcome
YVW – Your Very Welcome

<g> – grin
<bg> – big grin
<vbg> – very big grin
<eg> – evil grin
<beg> – big evil grin
<vbeg> – very big evil grin
πŸ™‚ or πŸ™‚ – happy smiley face
:-)) or :)) – very happy smiley face
😐 or 😐 – straight face
πŸ™ or πŸ™ – sad smiley face
:-(( or :(( – very sad smiley face
πŸ˜‰ or πŸ˜‰ – wink smiley face



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