TMI Tuesday #234 – Celeb Edition

Who is one celebrity you would like to:

Cuddle? Scooby-Doo if he was a real dog, I’d cuddle with him in a heart beat ::runs for the puppy pile::
Elope with? ::mind draws a blank::already married and even if I wasn’t I can’t think of a single famous person I’d wont to be married to.
Love? ::mind draws a blank:: I already like a few of them, but love shakes head that is just going a little to far
Excite beyond words? ::mind draws a blank:: I don’t even understand this question
Bang? ::mind draws a blank:: I can’t even imagine having sex with anyone other then my Hubby, much less someone who is famous.
See in bed with their current fling? ::mind draws a blank:: there isn’t a single celebrity that I’d wont to catch in bed with anyone, its not appealing by any means what so ever ::shakes head::

Bonus (optional):Tell us about one encounter (if any) that you’ve had with a celebrity. I’ve run into members of the Royal family (literarily ran into one of the royals while on the Isle of Man at a festival, was kind of funny, got a great shot of him to boot thanks to running into him). Say Diana while in Blackpool many years ago, she was on her way to Blackpool tower to re-open it.



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