Question of the Day

If you inherited $100,000 right now, how would you spend it?

1 – Pay off my line of credit as soon as the check cleared the bank to be able to do so.
2 – Top up the max allowed for my RRSP (7k)
3 – Find a vender to look at getting an electric wheelchair (grab and go style that I’ve been looking at which is around 3k to 5k).
4 – Newer Mac Computer, or a MacBook (not sure which would have to talk it over with the dealer to see which would best suit my future needs – between 3k to 7k)
5 – Get a decent touch screen Chromebook (phones nice to use, but a bigger screen would be nice (around 350.00 to 800.00)

Then I’d look at a possible wheelchair adaptive vehicle as to the SUV we have though good isn’t ideal for my mobility needs,I’d really like a vehicle that I know will last around 10 years and be good for my future needs (have the ability to have hand controls, etc).

Alternatively, I’d invest what was there so I would have some funds for later on in life for when I have to live off of OAS and GANS – since I won’t be getting much of anything from CPP).



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