Question of the Day

If you could pick one, would you rather have infinite money or unending love?

Well, that is an age-old question, Infinite funds would mean you can get what you wish as you wish it without worry. You would have the security of knowing that you have shelter at all times, food in your belly and can afford any medical care that you might need. You wouldn’t have the security of knowing that the person you care about truly loves you for you and not your funds and won’t get tired of you and then try to get some of that funds (unless you entered into an agreement on the matter like a prenup).

Yet having unending love doesn’t pay the bills, put a roof over your head or grantee that you can afford any treatment that you might need to survive/live – but at least you know where the person who loves you stands in your life as they love you for you though thick and thin.



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