30 Days of Truth – Day 9

Well it is now Day 9 of the 30 Days of Truth that I’ve chosen to get myself into writing on, todays blog entry is to write Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

What a topic to write on, shakes head. Why? Simple this has happened to so many people in my life that I’ve lost count of how many (k not really lost count, but it still feels like way to many people its happened to). There was someone from Jr. High that I use to call friend, yet after I hooked up with the bloke back in 04 I’ve not heard hide nor hair from him. I’ve left him messages though MSN and a couple phone calls, did that for about a year (most of 05), but gave it up when thought messages and calls came for naught. I really thought he was going to be there for me as I had been there for him, I know he had wished to date and what not, but he never understood my being asexual and that I had no such attraction to him.

It hurts, to not know what happened to him in various levels. I’ve not been able to track him down on Facebook or even on MySpace let alone twitter or LinkedIn, try as I might years later its like he dropped off the face of the earth or something. He last I knew was a fellow fur yet I’ve not heard of him being active within the local furry community either, so I can only assume that after years of being active within it he’s stopped being active. Maybe he’s gotten married as I did, maybe he found that lady who would father the children he wished to have. Maybe, maybe, maybe there are a lot of maybe’s when it comes to him. He might not be my first love or anything like that but he was my first real friend that I feel I had and of those who I have called friend over the year his loss of friendship is one of the saddest to me.

I hope where ever he is and what ever he has gotten into or up to that he is happy in his life, because I sure miss him being part of mine.



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