30 Days of Truth – Day 14

On to Day 14 to the 30 Days of Truth, and todays blog entry is on writing about A hero that has let you down. (letter)

I actually don’t have a hero that has let me down, but there was once an actor that I like but after meeting him in person turned me off of his acting and any future rolls he might get into. Who? Wil Wheaten, I meet him at a Star Trek convention years ago and that one meeting just soured me on him for the rest of his acting career, I will not watch anything with him in it save one movie (The Last Starfighter) and the only reason is because he’s got such a minor roll that he doesn’t make any impact on the film itself in my mind.

Why or how did he turn me off? Its hard to explain but part of it was his lack of manners and his rude behavior towards his fans that just ticked me off to no end and its just not something I’ve been able to forget or forgive him for. He lost a fan that day oh so many years ago, more then one I am sure since a few ppl I was at the con with also left thinking he was a real big twit.

Oh well his loss, no big deal in general to the fan base that I know of. That and I don’t even know if he’s still in acting or not since I’ve not kept up with any of the star trek stuff that I use to be so involved in (mostly because of the cost of it all, but also because my interests have grown and expanded beyond that area in life).



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