30 Days of Truth – Day 12

Well its Day 12 of the 30 Days of Truth that I’ve chosen to do, today I am blogging about Something you never get compliments on.

Unless someone is childfree that is an area of my life that most people I run into or have associated with have nothing but contempt for. I get “oh you’ll change your mind” comments all the time, or if its someone with PCOS they just look at me in utter sock that I’m not like them, that I don’t wont to have a child, or that I’m not trying to conceive when all they know is trying to do so and that their PCOS is interfering with that happening for them.

For me I would actually like to have someone with PCOS who isn’t necessary childfree to actually be open about someone who has PCOS but who has chosen to be childfree, not assume that I’m less of a women or anything. Maybe just say good going girl or something to that effect, something positive instead of all the negativity that I run into day in and day out within the world of PCOS group meets and gatherings.



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